Kate Middleton Is Pregnant With Her Fourth Child And Expecting A Girl Next Year, Report Claims

Kate Middleton has baby No. 4 on the way, a new report claims.

The celebrity gossip outlet OK! Magazine declared on its August 26 cover that Duchess Kate is three months along with her baby. The report noted that royal onlookers noticed something different about Kate when she and Prince William appeared at the U.K.’s inaugural King’s Cup Regatta earlier this month, sparking speculation that she could be pregnant again.

A palace source claimed to the magazine that this is indeed the case, with Kate and William expecting their fourth child sometime in the late winter or early spring of 2020.

“William and Kate are expecting their fourth child,” a source told the outlet, adding that Duchess Kate decided this time she would learn the gender of her unborn child and learned that she’s having another girl.

“This time, they thought it would be fun to just enjoy the planning process — decorating the nursery and picking out adorable clothes and toys,” the source claimed. “So they decided to buck tradition and learn the [gender].”

The story did not pinpoint the exact due date for the baby, and also did not say when an official announcement would be coming from Kensington Palace.

This is not the first time that OK! Magazine has hinted that Kate Middleton is ready to expand her family again. The U.K. version of the magazine claimed back in May that Duchess Kate was feeling “broody” and wanted to expand her family again. If the current story is true, then this would have been around the same time that Kate and William conceived their child.

But it is not clear how much truth there might be to the latest Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors. The duchess has been the target of near-constant rumors dating back to her entry in the royal family after marrying Prince William, including regular reports claiming that she is pregnant — and sometimes claiming that she’s having twins. While Kate and William have now welcomed three children into the world, the stories trying to pinpoint her pregnancies have been wrong more often than right.

So far, neither Kate Middleton nor Prince William has given any public indications that they may be expecting again, but there are some other news outlets beyond OK! Magazine reporting that Duchess Kate may be pregnant. Earlier this month, the Daily Express reported that the couple is set to announce at some point later this year that they are expecting their fourth child.

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