Larry King In His Final Days And His Kids Are Praying He Can Complete His Divorce Before Dying, Report Claims

Larry King is in his final days and his children are hoping he can complete his divorce with longtime wife Shawn before dying, a new report claims.

This week, the longtime television personality filed for divorce from his wife of 22 years. As the Associated Press reported, the 85-year-old King filed the petition on Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, seeking to end his seventh marriage. Both Larry and Shawn King had filed for divorce in 2010 but eventually reconciled, the report noted.

There may be some increased urgency to the current divorce filing, a report from Radar Online claims. Citing an unnamed source reportedly close to the King family, the report noted that Larry King is ailing and believed to be close to death, and family members hope that he can complete the divorce before dying.

“Let’s just hope he gets divorced before he dies,” the source told the celebrity gossip outlet. “Everyone will be very happy if he actually leaves her and comes through this alive.”

The source said that King’s children were never close to his 59-year-old wife, and want him to be able to live away from her for his final days. The couple shares two sons together, 19-year-old Cannon and 20-year-old Chance. Larry King has another three children from his previous relationships.

The report did not say exactly why King may be in such a hurry to divorce his seventh wife, or exactly what drove the couple apart. The divorce filing cited “irreconcilable differences,” but the source did not shed any new light on what brought about those differences.

Court records showed that the couple separated in June, and do not yet have a plan on how to split up their assets. As Fox Business reported, King has an estimated net worth of $150 million, largely from his salary as a CNN talk show host. It was not clear if Larry and Shawn King had a prenuptial agreement on how to divide assets after divorce.

Larry King has endured a number of health setbacks in recent years, including a bout with lung cancer two years ago and a recent heart attack that required emergency surgery. The Radar Online source did not say exactly what ailment King could be suffering from, or whether he was facing any specific prognosis that could have him in his “final days.” The celebrity gossip outlet has been criticized for overly dramatizing stories and speculating.

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