‘God Of War: Ascension’ Announced With ‘Trial Of The Gods’ Multiplayer

God of War: Ascension has been announced with a new multiplayer mode called “Trial of the Gods.”

God of War: Ascension hits stores in less than a week, and a fourth multiplayer mode has been announced. In “Trial of the Gods,” the first two-player God of War co-op time trial mode, you will tag-team with a friend and your selected Champions against five waves of mythological beasts with increasing difficulty. And you have to defeat them before the Olympian hourglass runs out.

You and a friend will face over 15 types of enemies, including Satyrs, Cyclopes, and Juggernauts. The clock gives you a certain amount of time to defeat them, granting you a little extra every time you slay a monster. Conquer a wave to be granted a Bonus Time Tiered Award based on your slaughtering speed. Dying or running out of time will restart the “Trial of the Gods.” After five rounds, you face an epic boss.

Maps included for the “Trial of the Gods” at launch will include Desert of Lost Souls, Forum of Hercules, and Rotunda of Olympus. More arenas will be released, probably as DLC.

God of War: Ascension‘s “Trial of the Gods” bridges the single-player and multiplayer modes by helping you and a friend earn experience points and work on your skill-set, much like Radical Entertainment’s Xbox 360 title Prototype. According to PlayStation.com, this all enhances the competitive arena gameplay and gives you the chance to test new weapons. You can even try out new allegiances before fighting in the big leagues.

If you don’t have a friend to tackle the “Trial of the Gods” with, you can always go solo in this mode, so no worries for the “multiplayer-impaired.”

Poseidon, the brother of Zeus, is now among the allegiances available, and his power is second only to the God of the Sky himself. Loyal sentinels of Poseidon are granted unique support capabilities such as a large pool of health and command over water and ice. You can also fortify allies and slow down enemies. For more on allying with the God of the Sea, check out GodofWar.com.

Are you excited about the addition of the “Trial of the Gods” multiplayer for God of War: Ascension? Check out the trailer below to see the advantages of the Poseidon allegiance.

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