Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle And Shiloh Cross Paths At Pentonville

The latest General Hospital spoilers hint that there will be interesting conversations playing out at Pentonville during Thursday’s show. It’s getting a little crowded there at this point, and now two villains will be meeting for the first time.

Nelle has been at Pentonville for a while now, and viewers recently watched as she connected with Ryan. She was a cellmate with Harmony and learned that Shiloh is the biological father of the original Wiley. This revelation rattled her a great deal since “Wiley” is really her biological son, Jonah.

Nothing much has developed yet with that Ryan and Nelle connection, but fans may not want to dismiss the possibility that there’s still something in the works involving these two. Now, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nelle will meet Shiloh during Thursday’s show and that could get interesting.

When Nelle picked up on the connection between Shiloh and the original Wiley, she was left quite shaken. This led her to almost tell Michael the truth about how their supposedly dead son Jonah is actually alive and being raised as Wiley. However, she stopped herself due to her jealousy over Michael being with Sasha.

Shiloh was determined to get his hands on Wiley, but he was stopped before he could get needed proof that the young boy is his son. Now, he is behind bars and has been shipped off to Pentonville. He’s already tried to threaten Peter to gain the help he needs to get out of this sticky situation, but it’s not clear yet whether he’ll gain traction on this front.

Nelle and Shiloh will have a chance to talk, and she’s certainly at an advantage here. Fans have voiced some annoyance that everybody at Pentonville seems to roam freely around the facility, but it looks like this freedom will allow for an interesting interaction during Thursday’s show.

How much will Nelle let on that she knows about Shiloh? Will he share details regarding how determined he is to get out of jail and take off, perhaps suggesting that he’d grab his “son” and go on the run?

General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed much about what comes next with Nelle and Shiloh. However, fans have been speculating for some time now that the writers might eventually kill off Shiloh. Perhaps his crossing paths with Nelle could lay the groundwork for some juicy developments on this front.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Shiloh won’t be written out quite yet. Obviously, viewers will see more of him during Thursday’s show. In addition, late next week, he’ll be making cryptic remarks to somebody.

There are a lot of loose ends with this storyline right now, and the writers seem to be adding more layers each week rather than driving this toward a solid finish line. Franco has Drew’s memories, Drew seems to be headed to Afghanistan to search for answers, Elizabeth is worried about her husband, and Kim is seemingly going to be drawn into a troubling dynamic with Franco.

Add in that Obrecht knows the truth about Wiley, that Shiloh is still determined to free himself, and that Peter is officially connected to this. That gives viewers a lot to keep track of, and plenty that needs to be resolved. Will the payoff for fans be worth this complicated web the writers are weaving? General Hospital spoilers hint that there will be some juicy twists and turns coming, and viewers are anxious to get answers.

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