Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Peter’s Seemingly Connected to Shiloh And Helena’s Evil Plan

Fans have been buzzing this week over the latest developments on General Hospital and spoilers tease that Wednesday’s episode should have an intriguing conversation play out. Shiloh taunted Franco that he had a juicy bombshell he could drop in terms of Helena’s co-conspirator and based on the end of Tuesday’s show and the sneak peek for Wednesday, it seems that this may be Peter.

Shiloh told Franco, who believes he is Drew thanks to the memory swap, that he would reveal the identity of Helena’s co-conspirator if “Drew” revealed where the stash of money was hidden. Franco isn’t looking to cooperate with Shiloh, but he did exchange some key information with Drew.

The sneak peek for the August 21 show teased that the money would seemingly turn out to be hidden in the car that Cameron now has, which is the car that had previously been given to Oscar. While Shiloh is desperate to get that money, he may be out of luck since he’s behind bars at the moment and Drew will surely move quickly to piece all of this together.

Franco may not have rushed to agree to Shiloh’s offer, but Shiloh has started to get his ducks in a row anyway. He made a call to Peter and said that they needed to talk. General Hospital spoilers hint that Peter may quickly head to Pentonville to meet with Shiloh and this would seem to imply that Peter, then going by the name Henrik, was the person working with Helena back during the Afghanistan chaos.

The show has worked quite hard to rehabilitate Peter, pushing forward in putting him a romance with Maxie. Given that, it’ll be interesting to see what happens if indeed Peter turns out to be the person who was coordinating with Helena all those years ago. It’s not a shocker that Peter was involved in all of this back then, but it may rattle people to know he was connected in this manner.

Wednesday’s episode will also bring more with Kim, according to SheKnows Soaps. All signs point towards things getting a bit crazy with the Kim/Elizabeth/Drew/Franco situation and fans probably won’t be terribly pleased if Kim causes troubles for Elizabeth’s relationship.

In addition, viewers will see more regarding the trouble at Sonny’s warehouse. Jason will wonder if Dev is responsible for the missing money and General Hospital spoilers have hinted that the warehouse could be at the center of an upcoming tragedy soon.

Viewers will also see Ava talk with Chelsea again and it seems she’ll be having a dream about Kiki. The Inquisitr detailed that actress Hayley Erin will be popping up soon as Kiki and it sounds as if it may be coming this week.

How will fans react to these upcoming tidbits related to the Shiloh storyline? This one is certainly generating a lot of buzz, but not necessarily in a good way. General Hospital spoilers tease that there are juicy developments coming and everybody will be curious to see how everything fits together.

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