‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Fans Fired Up As Demi Burnett & Girlfriend Kristian Haggerty Get To Stay In Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise fans have mixed feelings over the new “storyline” featuring Demi Burnett and her pre-Paradise girlfriend. The outspoken Bachelor Nation beauty dumped her Bachelor in Paradise suitor, Derek Peth, for Kristian Haggerty, the woman she had been dating prior to joining the cast of the ABC dating show.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Demi opened up about her love triangle to reveal that the more she was with Derek, the more she thought about Kristian. In a stunning twist, Demi and Kristian were then reunited on Bachelor in Paradise.

During an emotional reveal following the surprise reunion, the Bachelor Nation star told her girlfriend she didn’t want to “run” from her feelings anymore and that she was ready to commit to her. Demi later introduced her lady love to the rest of the cast, including Derek, before revealing that they would be staying on the show.

“Guys, this is Kristian. We have been dating before I decided to come to Paradise… my heart is here. And so we’re going to stay in Paradise, and we’re going to have a really good summer.”

Demi and Kristian were given a date card, and Derek’s heart was left broken as he was forced to watch their love story play out.

While Kristian admitted it was “hard” for her to find out that Demi had romantic moments with someone else, in a groundbreaking moment on the long-running, rose-filled reality franchise, the two women later exchanged “I love yous.”

Of course, Bachelor in Paradise alums had something to say about the twist. Stars on the ABC reality show noted that Kristian is not part of Bachelor Nation and seemed to wonder why she was there.

“It turns out Demi has a girlfriend, and she is here in Paradise,” Blake Horstmann said.

Bachelor in Paradise fans also had a lot to say about the fact that Demi showed up to film the summertime show in Mexico while still having a girlfriend at home. Others thought it was “mean” to keep Demi and Kristian on the ABC reality show while a broken-hearted Derek had to now watch them fall in love.

“Keeping Demi and Kristian on BIP is just plain mean. What’s the point in that?? #BachelorInParadise,” one critic tweeted.

“Ok happy for Demi but why does Kristian get to stay? Why do that to Derek? To us?!? Why rub it in and Derek just had to take it?!?” added another Twitter fan.

Other viewers posted to Twitter to call out the show for its “double standard,” especially following the Jed Wyatt girlfriend drama that rocked Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette.

“If anyone showed up on the Bachelor, Bachelorette or BIP whilst in a relationship back home they’d be called out and would be booted out. Yet in her case she’s called ‘brave’ for being honest. Oh and they fly her partner in. Double standard.”

More viewer reaction to Demi Burnett’s girlfriend drama below can be seen below.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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