Here’s Why Kim Kardashian Fans Think She Has 6 Toes

Kim Kardashian fans think they may have uncovered a hidden secret about the reality star. Kim shared a new snap to her Instagram account on August 19 that saw her and sister Kylie Jenner striking poses in form-fitting one-legged jumpsuits for a new promo shoot to promote their latest perfume collaboration. But it wasn’t the perfume that caught fans’ attention.

While Kim and Kylie showed off their toned legs – Kardashian in a skin-tight blue jumpsuit and Jenner in a matching skin-tight purple number – fans quickly noticed that the mom of four appeared to have six toes on her left foot.

As reported by Hollywood Life, fans quickly called out the star on social media, with many zooming in on the snap to show Kim with what appeared to be an extra little toe on the side of her foot as she sported a plastic shoe with a thong notch next to her big toe.

The comments section was flooded with messages about the mysterious sixth toe, with several asking exactly what was going on with the apparent addition to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s foot.

“WHY DOES KIM HAVE 6 TOES???!!!!” one fan commented, while another directly asked the reality star, “Why do u have 6 toes?”

“Kim with the 6 toes,” another person wrote in the comments section of the upload.

The confusion also stretched to Twitter, where some fans believed that the extra toe was more than just a Photoshop fail as they demanded answers from the star.

Kim hasn’t publicly addressed the speculation regarding her feet just yet, but if the addition to her foot is nothing more than a Photoshop fail, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that Kanye West’s wife has been caught out by poor editing.

Earlier this month, as The Inquisitr reported at the time, the TV personality was called out over another apparent editing mishap after fans noticed her thumb looking strange in another photo shared to her Instagram account.

Shortly before that, in April, fans believed they’d spotted multiple fails when Kardashian gave her millions of followers a look at a promotional photo of her famous family to promote the new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, as The Inquisitr also reported.

Social media users pointed out what they claimed were numerous inconsistencies with the Season 16 photo for the popular E! series, including Khloe Kardashian appearing to have no bottom half while others speculated that Kendall Jenner didn’t even attend the shoot and may have been added in to the family snap at a later stage.

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