‘Big Brother 21’ Spoilers For Week 8: The Power Of Veto Ceremony Is Held & The Final Nominees Are Set

The Power of Veto Ceremony for Week 8 has been held, and Big Brother 21 spoilers reveal that the nominations are now set. Jackson Michie is the Head of Household this week, and he is anxious to see Christie Murphy head to the jury house. Based on the latest results coming from the live feeds, it sounds as if he may get his wish.

As The Inquisitr detailed, Jackson is not only HOH for Week 8, but he won the Power of Veto over the weekend as well. He had previously talked about wanting to target Christie by putting her on the block with his initial nominations, and then winning the POV to ensure she stays there. Ultimately, he ended up doing just that.

Jackson’s nominees, Christie and Analyse Talavera, decided to do whatever they could think of to try to convince Michie to alter his nominations. He seemingly played along to an extent, but the ladies were left disappointed on Monday when he revealed that he wouldn’t use the POV to save either of them.

According to Big Brother spoilers from the Twitter account @BB_Updates, Jackson did not use the POV. That means that Christie and Sis remain on the block, and one of them will be heading to the jury house Thursday night.

In the aftermath of the POV ceremony, Christie talked with Sis and said it’s not even Jackson she’s mad at now. It’s Nick Maccarone, Christie says, because he’s manipulating everybody into thinking he’s on their side. Big Brother spoilers note that Tommy and Sis have been talking about options, but they aren’t necessarily in a great position to achieve much right now.

Big Brother Network shares that Christie is virtually guaranteed to be heading to the jury next. Jackson is confident that he can count on Holly Allen, Cliff Hogg, and Nicole Anthony to vote his way, and he is determined to see Christie evicted.

The results of the POV ceremony weren’t really a surprise, and it shouldn’t be a shock to see Christie evicted on Thursday night. However, there could be surprises coming after that.

Christie, Tommy, and Sis were hoping to talk Jackson into putting Jessica Milagros on the block, and this could leave some residual chaos in the days ahead. Nick seems to be on everybody’s radar, but he’s been pretty successful so far this season in avoiding trouble.

Will Cliff and Nicole stick with Jackson and Holly at this point, or could Sis and Tommy persuade them to make a deal? Will Nick and Jess have any influence on how things proceed? It seems almost certain that Christie will be evicted Thursday night, but Big Brother spoilers hint that Week 9 could be a juicy one.

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