‘The Crown’ Star Olivia Colman Wants To Be In The New Bond Film

As soon as the new season of The Crown launches, it might seem like Olivia Colman is everywhere, and if she has her way, it just might be the case, as she’s dying to be in the next James Bond movie.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Colman has been begging her friend and cast member on Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, to create a part for her opposite Daniel Craig in the next Bond film. She explains that she had to nudge her for a while to create a part for her in Fleabag, which is a series for Amazon, and now she’s working the angles to perhaps be a Bond villain.

Colman said for Fleabag, she asked to be a “baddie.”

“I went, could you write me someone who’s a total [spells out a four-letter expletive]. So she made up this person for me. Yeah. I always wanted to play the baddie and she’s written a really good one,” Colman said.

But now, according to Vanity Fair, Colman isn’t the only one begging for the new Queen Elizabeth to play a role in the 25th James Bond film. Many people in the entertainment industry are hoping that Waller-Bridge will bring more women into the Bond fold, and who would be better than Colman?

Colman, who just won her first Oscar last year, perhaps isn’t used to being able to demand roles, but her star is continuing to rise, says The Inquisitr.

In fact, she was so shocked that Prada was willing to make her a custom gown for the awards show, she gushed that she felt like a princess at the ball. She told friends that she had never felt as good and comfortable in anything she had worn for an awards show.

“I have never felt confident having to do any photographs or red carpet. Being someone else is easy; being me is torture during those events,” she said.

Enter stylist Mary Fellowes, who convinced Colman that it was possible to find something that would make her feel “powerful and confident,” at least enough for her to walk the season’s red carpets with poise. She says in Fellowes, she has found her enabler.

The lead in The Crown had some ideas about how she wanted her dress to look. Colman, from the beginning, knew she wanted something simple with “a big bow on the back,” and Prada made it happen, and the experience was actually pleasurable, says the actress.

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