‘DWTS’ Spoilers: New Cast Includes Guy With ‘Legendary Ball Skills,’ Fans Guess Michael Jordan Or Kobe Bryant

Season 28 of Dancing with the Stars begins in a few weeks, and the cast will be announced Wednesday morning on Good Morning America. Rumors and spoilers are picking up speed ahead of that official DWTS cast announcement and a new teaser has fans buzzing.

The show has started to share a few hints regarding the Season 28 Dancing with the Stars cast members and a couple of them have been specific enough to seemingly pin down the celebrity involved. Queer Eye star Karamo Brown along with The Bachelorette Hannah Brown, for example, seem to definitely be hitting the DWTS dance floor this fall based on previous Instagram posts from the show.

The latest Instagram post has everybody buzzing and it looks like this one is generating a fair amount of excitement. The post shared Sunday afternoon shows a black man standing in a black suit, holding the glittery mirror ball in front of his face. The caption teases that this is someone with legendary ball skills, which most certainly means this is an athlete.

More specifically, it seems fairly likely this is someone who has played professional basketball. It’s not uncommon for former NBA and NFL stars to join the cast, with a baseball player here and there as well. People pounced on this post immediately to try to decide who might be behind that mirror ball and some interesting theories have emerged.

As is often the case with these posts, Dancing with the Stars spoiler fans dig into every possible detail and clue within the photo. Obviously, the caption here is a big hint. However, people noticed the bracelets this celebrity is wearing on one wrist and that could be significant.

Various guesses on the Instagram post have included Scottie Pippen, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, and Michael Jordan, among others. A lot of people also guessed Michael Strahan, but that possibility doesn’t seem like as much of a fit as the caption would seem to suggest someone who has recently played ball. A few also guessed Steph Curry, but it’s more likely that it’s a retired player given schedules and injury possibilities.

Some other guesses included Dennis Rodman, Rick Fox, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. However, they’ve all done previous seasons of Dancing with the Stars.

One tidbit that has a lot of people speculating that this is Jordan is the pair of bracelets on one wrist. As an Instagram fan account shared a few days ago, these look exactly like a pair that Michael has been photographed wearing.

An argument against this, and for the idea that this is Kobe, is that Jordan usually wears a flashy, large watch. This person, however, appears to be wearing an Apple watch. Bryant has been spotted wearing something just like that recently.

It’s possible that all of these guesses are wrong, but there is no questioning that getting someone like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant would be a huge casting accomplishment. Those behind the show have teased that Season 28 will have big names, and these suggestions would be impressive.

One way or another, DWTS fans will find out who is hitting the dance floor in Season 28 on Wednesday morning. Will Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or another former NBA star of this status be doing Dancing with the Stars? Fans cannot wait to find out.

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