After Marco Rubio Tweets Bible Verse Warning Against ‘Hotheads,’ Twitter Reminds Him About Donald Trump

Marco Rubio’s Twitter Bible study didn’t quite go as he likely planned this week.

The Florida senator and devout Christian frequently takes to Twitter to share Bible verses he finds relevant, but the passage from the book of Proverbs that Marco picked on Friday drew some very confused reactions from Twitter. The verse was a warning to people not to be friendly with hotheads or to “associate with the wrathful,” which many thought sounded an awful lot like a top Republican who Rubio happens to support.

“Do not be friendly with hotheads,nor associate with the wrathful,Lest you learn their ways,and become ensnared,” Rubio wrote, saving some characters by forgoing spaces after his commas.

The tweet drew an immediate reaction, with many asking Rubio if he realized that the verse appeared to describe Donald Trump to a T. Many pointed out the actions Trump has taken that would qualify as hotheaded and wrathful.

“Is that what you tell the kids being so badly treated at the border? Stop quoting scripture and do something that would make Jesus proud,” tweeted one bemused person.

“From a Trump enabler and apologist,” another tweeted in response. “Seriously dude. Self-reflection would do you wonders.”

Others noted that Marco Rubio has very close ties to the National Rifle Association, claiming that the Florida senator himself had become “ensnared” by the organization.

While Marco Rubio has supported Donald Trump, he has also been more willing than other Republicans to speak out against Trump when he believes the president has crossed the line. That was the case last week after the death of Jeffrey Epstein, when Donald Trump took to Twitter to insinuate that Bill and Hillary Clinton may have something to do with the billionaire’s suicide.

After Trump shared a number of posts hinting that Bill Clinton was involved in his death — including some that had the hashtag #ClintonBodyCount — Rubio took to Twitter to speak out against those trying to politicize Epstein’s death. Rubio claimed that #ClintonBodyCount (and #TrumpBodyCount hashtag that arose in response) appeared to be the work of Russian trolls, part of Russia’s campaign to sow discord in America and interfere with presidential elections.

“It’s sad (and frightening) to see so many Americans on both sides of partisan unwittingly helping them,” he wrote.

While Marco Rubio did not identify Donald Trump by name in the tweet, many interpreted it as a criticism of the president’s penchant for pushing baseless conspiracy theories.

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