‘One Piece’ Episode 898 Spoilers, Recap: Hawkins Unleashes Scary Devil Fruit Power Against Luffy And Zoro

One Piece Episode 898, which is titled “The Headliner! Hawkins the Magician Appears!,” started with the continuation of the battle involving the three members of the Worst Generation — Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro of the Straw Hat Pirates and Basil Hawkins of the Hawkins Pirates. A few minutes after they reunited, Luffy and Zoro encountered Hawkins’ group in the wasteland.

Hawkins warned Luffy and Zoro that if they are only in the Land of Wano for sightseeing, they should leave the place immediately. Using his devil fruit power, Hawkins predicted that Luffy and Zoro only have a 19 percent chance of living for another month. When asked if they know who’s ruling the Land of Wano, Luffy answered and told Hawkins that they came to the Land of Wano to take the head of one of the Four Emperors of the Sea — Beast Pirates captain Kaido.

Before they started the fight against Hawkins and his subordinates, Zoro asked Luffy about the sword that is currently in his possession. Just by looking at the katana, Zoro already knew that it is a famous weapon. He tried to borrow it from Luffy, but the Straw Hat Pirates captain refused, saying that a sword is a samurai’s “soul.” Luffy confidently said that he’s planning to use it in taking down the enemies in front of them.

One Piece Episode 898 featured Luffy and Zoro fighting Hawkins and his subordinates, as Luffy and Zoro easily took down the enemies. However, compared to Zoro, it is very noticeable that Luffy doesn’t know how to properly use a sword. After beating his underlings, Zoro decided to target Hawkins next. Zoro managed to land a critical strike on Hawkins’ head, but it wasn’t enough to kill him.

The latest episode of One Piece revealed Hawkins’ devil fruit power. Using the power of Wara Wara no Mi, Hawkins can store the lives of his subordinates into his body. This means that if he stores 10 lives of his subordinates, he can die 10 times. The next ability that Hawkins unleashed is the Straw Man Cards, which enabled him to create a giant monster witch.

Hawkins controls the giant monster witch using the cards he draws from the deck. Luffy and Zoro are preparing to fight Hawkins together, but Komachiyo arrived and grabbed them. One Piece Episode 898 showed Otama’s condition getting worse. Komachiyo decided to take Luffy and Zoro so that they could bring Otama to the hospital. However, Hawkins’ group won’t let them escape easily. The final scenes of One Piece Episode 898 featured Luffy and Zoro going up against the giant monster witch and Hawkins’ subordinates while riding Komachiyo.

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