Pet Pedicures Are Increasing In Popularity

It’s no surprise that dog lovers will do whatever they can to make their pet as happy as possible, whether that be buying them their favorite treats, playing their favorite games or getting them new toys to enjoy. However, there’s a new trend in pet care that is a little bizarre. They are called “pawdicures” and they are essentially pedicures for dogs. But they aren’t just any pedicures, most of them match the looks that their owners are sporting on their own nails. Pet owners are sharing side by side photos of their pedicures and their dogs on social media, according to Today.

Some of these pedicure photos on social media are more simple, with one basic color. Other looks feature elaborate patterns and designs. Many dog owners are probably wondering how people get their dogs to sit still long enough to paint their nails. Most dogs are so energetic that it’s hard to get their nails trimmed when necessary, much less painted with sparkly nail polish. However, some pets reportedly enjoy getting their nails done.

Sybil Summers is an on-air personality for 98.7 KLUV in Dallas. Summers noticed the trend online and immediately knew she wanted to try it out with her own dog, a Pitbull/Boxer rescue named Duncan.

Summers had already painted her own nails using three different colors of polish. She decided to replicate the look on her pup, who was only too happy to get the pawdicure.

“She actually loves being pampered. If she sees me doing something beauty-wise, she lets me do it to her, too,” Summers said of Duncan.

Of course, not every nail polish is going to be safe to use on your pet. Thus, it’s important to do your research before opting to paint your dog’s nails, especially because a curious dog may lick their nails in the process of the pawdicure. It’s important to choose a polish that is non-toxic for dogs. Pet owners have been raving about a brand named Princess Pawdicure, which sells a variety of safe and non-toxic polishes for dogs.

On the company’s Instagram page, interested customers can check out a plethora of matching owner and pet pawdicures.

One owner painted her and her dog’s nails red, white, and blue in honor of the Fourth of July holiday. She shared the look online.

“Our 4th of July pedicure using @princesspawdicure nail polish because it’s the best for humans and puppies!!! Safe and non toxic,” she wrote.

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