Jinger Duggar Is Living A Happy & Healthy Lifestyle With Her Family In LA

Jinger Duggar has settled into her new home in Los Angeles, California with husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and their adorable daughter Felicity. They have been getting around the area exploring the sights, sounds, and yummy food that LA has to offer. They have also started a weekly Q&A where they answer a few fan questions. It’s a chance for fans to get to know the reality stars a little better.

This second installment had Jinger and Jeremy sitting back down in what they call their “sunroom studio” as they answer questions. This time, the Duggar daughter had on a sleeveless blue and white striped dress with white flats. Her long blond highlighted hair was once again pulled back into a loose ponytail away from her face as she talked. The two-part video was posted on Jinger’s Instagram, as well as Jeremy’s.

Most fans agree that Jinger Duggar looks happy and healthy, especially since she moved to LA. One fan asked how things were going in her new home and if the move has brought her closer to her husband. Jinger said that everything went smoothly with the move and that they are both enjoying living in LA so far.

As far as the move bringing them closer together, Jeremy looked at his wife and said that he didn’t think that they could be any closer. One thing that stood out in her answer to that particular question had her hinting that moving to California appears to be a fresh start for their family. She mentioned that when she moved to Laredo, Texas after they married, Jeremy was already established there as a pastor and already had a life there. This move has been a brand new adventure that they have experienced together with their daughter.

Another fan asked whether Jinger worked out before she and Jeremy were married and if she is involved in any kind of sports now that she has moved to LA. Jinger explained that she loved being outdoors and active back in Arkansas where she grew up. There were no organized sports that she was involved in, but she did mention that her family, along with the other kids in their community, used to play what was called broom ball. It was played on ice with just wearing tennis shoes and they shoved a ball around with a broom-like stick. She admitted how much fun that was.

Jeremy also mentioned that his wife works out every single day. Jinger toted that she loves doing it because she feels so much better afterward and has more energy. She gets up in the morning and works out with weights. She also wants to get some tennis playing in one of these days.

The mom-of-one has shared a few healthy recipes on social media, including baked chicken, eggs, and cooked kale with mushrooms. Felicity also loves to eat small bites of tomato, as seen on Instagram. Her mom’s healthy eating is being extended to her daughter as well.

Jinger Duggar seems to be enjoying her new life together with Jeremy and Felicity in LA. She appears to be very happy and loves to stay as healthy as she can. Be sure to catch a brand new season of Counting On coming up in October on TLC.

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