Wendy Williams Snuggles Up To A Mystery Man In New Instagram Photo

This past year has been full of challenges for television host Wendy Williams. The star openly admitted that she was struggling with substance abuse again and had admitted herself into a sober house in an attempt to gain control of her addiction. In the midst of this struggle, Williams’ marriage of nearly 22 years with Kevin Hunter was beginning to crumble.

Rumors of infidelity on the part of Hunter continuously swirled, but Williams waited months before addressing them. It wasn’t until it was publicly revealed that Hunter had welcomed a child with his mistress that Williams finally filed for divorce, according to BET.

The divorce itself has been extremely messy and humiliating for Williams. Not only was Hunter her husband and the father of her child, he was also the executive producer of her show and had done a lot to get her career to the point that it is today. Following the divorce, Williams fired Hunter and banned him from the set of The Wendy Williams Show. But Hunter made it clear he wouldn’t be leaving quietly and has asked for a hefty severance package from Williams.

Despite all this drama, Williams has made it clear that she’s ready to move on and has started dating again. She’s been spotted out in public, appearing to go on dates with several different men, but hasn’t publicly said she’s in a relationship with any of them.

Most recently, Williams posted a photo with a bearded mystery man on her Instagram page.

“Summer is FUN, but I’m ready for US to get BACK together, September 16th. I love you for watching,” she wrote in the caption.

The caption didn’t provide any clues regarding who exactly the man was that Williams was cuddling up with, but it appeared to be an attempt to reassure fans that The Wendy Williams Show will be returning eventually. The caption was possibly a way to dissolve the rumors floating around that the show had been canceled.

Williams hasn’t said much about the special man in her life, but has revealed that it’s someone who is around her age, according to People.

“You all think I’m messing around with a 27-year-old — 27-year-old boys, quite frankly, do find me very attractive. I get it. But when it comes time for the comfort of a man, I need somebody in his 50s, too. And he’s got to work.”

She’s also said that the person she’s dating is a doctor and has been married in the past.

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