‘Big Brother 21’ Week 8 Spoilers: One Nominee Is Having A Hard Time Coping

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 21.

One of Week 8’s nominees is not too pleased to be sitting on the block. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jackson Michie won the Head of Household (HOH) competition and nominated Analyse Talavera and Christie Murphy for eviction. Even though Christie has been the emotional player this season who has had plenty of breakdowns, it’s Analyse who is not taking the news of her nomination too well.

As documented by Big Brother spoiler account @BB_Updates on Twitter, Analyse has given the silent treatment to Michie and his showmance partner Holly Allen. Both houseguests wished Analyse a “good morning,” and were completely ignored when the brunette walked right past them.

Analyse has also been venting to Christie, Tommy Bracco, and Nick Maccarone since her nomination, slamming Jackson for putting her on the block. Analyse has no idea why she was put up for eviction and thinks Jackson’s reasoning of putting her up there because she’s a threat, is a bunch of baloney.

“I’m just so mad cause he f***ing blindsided me. It’s annoying ’cause I want to go off so bad but I am not going to,” Analyse said to Tommy and Christie.

“I wouldn’t be as mad if he told me that I was a pawn, but he literally made me feel like I wasn’t going up. It makes me mad,” she later said to Nick.

Many of Analyse’s conversations with her alliance members have contained a whole lot of profanities, generally directed at Holly. Analyse is upset that Holly has chosen Jackson over her since earlier in the season she pledged her allegiance to the women in Gr8ful. However, when Gr8ful broke down into the Six Shooters, both Michie and Holly were cast out when the house had a major disagreement.

Analyse and Christie have both vowed to not work with Holly or Michie if they stay in the house past eviction night. Even though it might ensure they make it further in the game, both women are too upset with the couple to even look in their direction at this point.

Christie has also been spotted crying in the shower with Tommy trying to comfort her as she bathed. The New Jerseyan knew her nomination was coming but has had trouble dealing with it in the aftermath. She has not been ignoring Holly or Michie though, however.

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