World’s First Candy Department Store, IT’SUGAR, To Open In New Jersey’s American Dream Megamall

Sweet toothed consumers can handily celebrate their cravings in a big way when New Jersey’s mega-mall, American Dream, opens the world’s first candy department store.

Happily, realizing the visions of three stories full of sugar plums and the like won’t need to wait for Christmas. Wannabe patrons will be able to enjoy an overwhelming amount of candy as thousands of different confits become available at IT’SUGAR when the highly anticipated emporium bows in the fall, according to the IT’SUGAR site.

Eager candy addicts can look forward to spending a lot of time taking in American Dream’s flashy department store since the tasty shop will display its goods in a whopping 22,000-square-feet of space.

The extravagant IT’SUGAR department store will be the centerpiece of American Dream’s entertainment atrium. That area of the iconic mega-mall will reign next to the DreamWorks Water Park and close by the Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park and the giant ice rink, which will be regulation sized, states

Should anyone need to find American Dream’s IT’SUGAR branch in a hurry once the doors open for good and plentiful sweets, all they need to do is look up. A 60-foot-tall Statue of Liberty replica made out of — you guessed it — candy will lure takers in the right direction.

IT’SUGAR stores have been around since its first version debuted in Atlantic City in 2006. Today, more than 28 states boast 100 more of these enticing emporiums, with New Jersey about to open its fifth location with the opening of the American Dream branch.

Since then, these candy confectionaries made available for consumers have always been able to satisfy even the most discerning palate, stated ABC News.

“The stores are an overwhelming experience, with nearly 8,000 different edible items for sale at each location. They range from the old-fashioned standbys like Necco wafers to random Japanese fruit candy to video game-inspired treats from Pac Man and Super Mario… For gummy bears, there are more than a dozen different flavors, with sizes up to an enormous 5-pound bear.”

The IT’SUGAR contingency has grown even larger in the past 13 years, with the highly anticipated American Dream branch bound to be the equivalent of a bonbon Oscar winner from among the entire group of these sweet stores.

In fact, the IT’SUGAR at American Dream will offer more than 10,000 candy types with special boutiques within the larger department store showing such treats as “Sour Patch Kids, Oreo, Nerds, Reese’s, Peeps, Pez, and Starbursts.”

Given all that can be purchased once IT’SUGAR bows in the very near future, perhaps candy-aholics from all over the nation may choose to make a destination run to the first department store of its type. If so, the American Dream mega-mall, located in the Garden State, can be reached via the New Jersey Turnpike and route 3 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. See you there!

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