Jed Wyatt Talks Split From Hannah Brown And Whether He Thought She Was His Soulmate

When Hannah Brown made her debut on The Bachelorette, she made her intentions clear and explained what she wanted from the experience. She was looking to get married in the end, and was thus putting her all into the process. She promised to be real and honest and expected the men joining her for the journey to offer her the same courtesy. Unfortunately, the season ended with Brown being heartbroken because the man she fell in love with wasn’t honest, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

When it came to handing out her final rose, Brown sent home fan favorite Tyler Cameron and chose Jed Wyatt instead. The pair became engaged, and for about a day it appeared she might be getting her happy ending after all. Unfortunately, the next day, she was informed that Wyatt had a girlfriend waiting back home for him throughout the entire time they were on the show. His former girlfriend, Haley Stevens, came forward to tell the world that she and Wyatt had slept together the night before he left to go on the show. He’d assured her that he was only going on the show to gain media exposure and promote his music career. Brown’s trust was broken, and she ended their engagement.

Now Wyatt is opening up about why he did what he did. In a recent interview on LAnded Late Night with Haley Ringo, he explained that he had experienced true feelings for Brown. He knew he should tell her the truth about Stevens, but his fear of losing Brown overcame him.

“I was sure about it. It felt so right. I’ve never felt so emotionally there. I think that’s why it’s been so hard because I’ve had a hard time letting myself go there for someone. But for her it clicked and I was just blown away that it was on a TV show with other people watching and I didn’t want to lose her. was being super fearful. Some would say a coward. For me, when I look back on it myself, I see the mistake but it’s just, I was acting so out of fear and I was under all this pressure of everything.”

Wyatt went on to say that he considered Brown to be “his person” at the time. He also explained that he didn’t consider what he had with Stevens to be an actual relationship, thus why he went on the show.

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