WWE Rumors: Rey Mysterio’s Son Reportedly Set To Become A Full-Time Wrestler, Could Feature In Major Storyline

If the latest episode of Monday Night Raw showed us anything, it’s that Rey Mysterio can’t catch a break.

Since returning from an injury a few weeks ago, the legendary luchador has struggled to get back to his winning ways, and his losing streak hit another bump in the road this week when he suffered clean defeats in a two-out-of-three-falls match against Andrade.

After his loss, Mysterio gave a cryptic backstage interview where he discussed his failing career and how he has a family to support. While the promo was shrouded in ambiguity, it suggested that we’re about to see a storyline involving his family in the near future.

This potential storyline just so happens to coincide with the news that WWE wants to use Mysterio’s real-life son, Dominick Gutierrez, as a full-time wrestler. Citing Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WrestleTalk reported that the rising talent will make his in-ring debut on WWE television in 2020.

Another WrestleTalk report noted that the company wants Gutierrez to bypass NXT as well. This is because he’s reportedly being touted to play a big part in the upcoming Rey Mysterio storyline.

Not sending a rookie to NXT to develop is a rare move on WWE’s part, so they must have faith in the young superstar to step up to the plate. Perhaps the company really wants to take advantage of his relationship with his father to create compelling television.

Gutierrez has featured on WWE programming several times, though. He was introduced to fans in 2005 — when he was still a young child — as a pawn in the feud between Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero. In that storyline, Eddie claimed Dominick was his biological son and both superstars fought to claim custody rights of the boy.

In recent times, he’s appeared on Monday Night Raw and stood face-to-face with Samoa Joe. Given his previous involvement with the product, an in-ring angle feels like the next natural step for the aspiring wrestler.

Whatever WWE’s plans are, it appears that they do have something in mind for Mysterio. There’s been criticism in the wrestling community lately about the way the company is using the popular babyface.

As The Inquisitr previously covered, there are rumors that All Elite Wrestling might want to sign him. If that’s the case, chances are the legend might let his WWE contract run out and jump ship to the rival promotion.

At the same time, having his son around as a full-time performer might keep Mysterio in WWE until he retires. There’s a lot of potential there for interesting rivalries between the superstars and father/son tag teams, after all.

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