Liam Hemsworth Cancels Appearance Amid Miley Cyrus Split: ‘He’s Not In The Right Headspace’

Liam Hemsworth is still reeling over the split from wife Miley Cyrus.

As fans know, the couple announced that they would be separating last week and since the split, Liam has reportedly been taking things pretty hard. According to The Daily Mail, the Aussie actor has been having a really tough time swallowing the breakup and it’s even affecting his work. He was scheduled to be in Los Angeles this week to do press and attending a screening for his indie film, Killerman, but he ended up canceling the appearances because he’s been too shaken up to attend.

A source close to the actor shares that Liam was very excited about his role in this film and he originally thought that the premiere would be a family affair, with many family members attending including Miley. However, since the two are not on good terms at the moment, she won’t be attending with Liam, while Liam can’t focus on work because he’s been “so rocked” by the split.

“He is not coming to LA for Killerman anymore even though he had told the film executives that he loved the movie and wanted to go full force into promoting it.”

“There was a feeling that the premiere was going to be a major summer event with Miley joining her husband. All the signs and talk from his team was that Miley and he wanted to put on a public show of support,” the source continued.

The same insider goes on to reveal that in recent weeks, Liam had put his career and upcoming film on the back burner as he instead was focusing on family and trying to save his marriage. He’s incredibly upset that things didn’t work out with Miley and what’s even more heartbreaking for him is the fact that Miley moved on from him so quickly with Kaitlynn Carter.

Right now, it’s too painful for the Aussie-born actor to return home to Los Angeles because he knows that Miley is there with Kaitlynn. This means that he wants to avoid Los Angeles, including dealing with the press there since he’s not quite ready to field questions about the split that rocked his world.

“He is now not in the right head space to step back into the limelight to do any promotion as he knows Miley’s name will come up,” the insider shared.

The same insider went on to say that it will be a while before Liam can muster up the strength to see Miley in person because right now everything is just too painful for him.

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