Mark Tufo’s ‘Zombie Fallout’ Book Series Optioned For TV

Popular book series, Zombie Fallout, has recently been optioned for development into a TV series. The dark comedy series, written by best-selling horror author Mark Tufo, tells the story of a community of misfits who are struggling to survive in a world dominated by zombies.

According to Deadline, a collaboration between Peabody Award-winning producer Steven Adams and marketing executive Theo Dumont from Buffalo 8 has been formed as they will team with Mark Tufo and executive producers Brad Thomas and Weston Scott.

Zombie Fallout is a continuing labor of love, sweat, and tears,” said Tufo in a statement.

“Originally one book, this thing has become an entire universe. It’s gone farther than I ever imagined; it’s become a reality.”

According to the author’s website page for Book One in the Zombie Fallout series, which was released in 2010, the advent of zombies is caused by a vaccine for the H1N1 virus that was not properly tested. This resulted in a mass of undead taking over, as those who were still alive tried to stay that way. This series has branched out to include 14 books, audiobooks, and graphic novels — and now, a television series.

The book series follows the story of Michael Talbot, who is a germaphobe and Marine veteran. As the zombie apocalypse occurs, Talbot realizes that those whom he has been trying to avoid all his life — his townhouse community neighbors and H.O.A. board members — are the very people that can help him and his family survive. In addition to the horde of zombies, Talbot’s family also has to contend with a 500-year-old vampire named Eliza, as they struggle to survive.

Tufo is a self-published author, having originally released the Zombie Fallout series himself using Amazon’s Kindle and Createspace publishing platforms to get his novels out to the world. Since then, the author has gained a cult following among fans of the zombie genre, many of whom took to social media to voice their excitement over the potential for the book series to finally be made into a TV series.

“YES!!!! I’ve been waiting sooo long for this to happen!!” said one excited fan via their Facebook account. “Those that haven’t read any of this series or books by Mark Tufo are sorely missing out.”

The sentiment was echoed on Tufo’s Facebook page as his fans learned of the optioning.

Previously, Tufo’s book series was optioned in 2016. However, that deal fell through and has since opened up for re-optioning, which is how it came to be in the hands of Buffalo 8.

As yet, it is unclear when production will start on the Zombie Fallout TV series.

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