‘Southern Charm’ Star Craig Conover Thinks Thomas Ravenel’s Ex Has A ‘Screw Loose’

Now that the season is over, Southern Charm star Craig Conover is speaking frankly about his former friend and politician, Thomas Ravenel’s ex-girlfriend, who has since moved back to California from Charleston.

In a recent interview, Domenick Nati of The Domenick Nati Show, talked to the reality star on his show, available on YouTube sharing information from a recent interview with Conover, who says he was startled by recent rants from Ravenel’s girlfriend from last season, Ashley Jacobs. Craig explained that after hearing public Cameo videos from the hospice nurse, he had no idea that she felt so negatively about him, referring to him as a “p***y” for his pillow design business. He then remarked that she just kept complaining.

“[The video] is like three and a half minutes long.”

Conover added that he’s not the only one who gets a hatchet job on what is supposed to be a birthday message.

“She goes after Patricia, me in a happy birthday message that makes her look like the Joker from Batman.”

The Southern Charm star added that he thinks that Jacobs has “a screw loose,” and while she thinks she’s the ultimate Bravo villain and “a national phenom,” he just thinks she’s delusional, and can’t imagine why she showed up in the season finale to a party without an invitation.

Craig said that he’s puzzled that after all of this time and so many chances, Ravenel’s ex continues to see herself as a victim. He said he believes she needs professional help.

“We gave her a chance to be sane and she didn’t take it. In a nonprofessional opinion, I think she’s nuts and she should be medicated.”

Reality Tea reported that they have always wondered who would pay for a reality star to wish a friend or loved one happy birthday, and found it equally puzzling when instead of a birthday greeting, Jacobs ranted about Kathryn Dennis, Patricia Altschul, and Conover, who she mocked for sewing.

They stated they couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic or kooky as she made a roaring noise, calling herself “the psychotic, gold-digging, ‘you’re nothing but an egg donor,’ shut your mouth, hair-flipping, b**ch.”

Jacobs asked herself a question, wondered aloud what she thinks about men who sew and continued to disparage Conover randomly. She finished by saying that she is 35-years-old and still has no ring on her finger, adding “Damn it, Thomas!”

She finished her Cameo appearance saying that she is still friends with Thomas Ravenel, despite publicly stating that her year with him left her in a state of depression.

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