Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo Get Some Fans Fired Up For Feeding Daughter Felicity Barbecued Ribs

There is never a dull moment whenever Jinger Duggar and the rest of her family share photos on social media. You can almost always count on at least a few naysayers or mom-shamers commenting on something they see that gets them into an uproar.

One recent post from Jinger’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, was shared on Instagram of their adorable daughter Felicity. She is enjoying some good food at a place called Ribs Against the Machine in Los Angeles. The reality stars have been trying many different eating places ever since they moved to the area in July. Of course, they brought their 1-year-old baby girl with them as well. They snapped a picture of her sucking on a barbecued rib, and it looks like she loved it.

It appeared that her mom was letting Felicity try out her first taste of the meat, or at least the yummy sauce that was slathered on the ribs. The little girl was wearing a pretty pink outfit along with a white hair bow. Her big eyes are staring at the camera as she enjoys the concoction. The second snapshot had her staring hungrily at the rib that Jinger was holding in front of her.

While most Duggar fans thought that the photos were adorable, others came out to slam Jeremy for letting his daughter take part in eating an animal. One person mentioned how animals are “badly beaten and shot” so that he could take a picture of his daughter on Instagram eating it.

Another slammed the Counting On star for not respecting all beings.

“Eating animals is not ‘righteous’ or ‘peaceful.'”

However, most of the comments were positive as they all enjoyed seeing Felicity’s reaction to having her first taste of barbecued ribs. Jinger and Jeremy left their home in Laredo, Texas, to move their family to LA so Jeremy could attend seminary school. They have been visiting many different places around the area ever since.

Jeremy’s classes have already started, but he seems to find time to hang out with his family and friends. Jinger’s older sister, Jana Duggar, appeared to have made the long trip from Arkansas to visit with the Vuolos in July as well. While there were never any photos together, and she never came out to say exactly where she was, fans were quick to put two and two together. The citrus tree and the beach photo that Jana posted may have given it away.

A new season of Counting On is expected to begin on TLC in October.

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