Cameran Eubanks’ Husband Jason Wimberly Finally Appears On ‘Southern Charm’

Cameran Eubanks’ husband, Jason Wimberly, will make his highly anticipated debut on Southern Charm during tonight’s Season 6 finale episode.

After steering clear of Bravo TV cameras for nearly six entire seasons of the reality series, the doctor finally agreed to participate in a scene shot at the home of Patricia Altschul, during which Eubanks’ co-star, Ashley Jacobs, causes quite a lot of drama.

While Wimberly isn’t believed to be involved in any of the cast’s drama, he will be seen mingling with guests, including his wife, Eubanks, and their host, Altschul, before Jacobs gets thrown out of the event.

As fans may have heard, Eubanks first confirmed her husband’s upcoming appearance on Southern Charm during an interview with Entertainment Tonight in June, just weeks after Season 6 first premiered. Before that, Eubanks had made it clear to her fans that her husband had absolutely no interest in becoming a reality star.

“Jason makes a cameo this season. I wore him down,” she confirmed.

According to Eubanks, her husband is a very private and quiet person. So, when it comes to appearing on a televised series, he wasn’t exactly jumping at the chance to appear on the show. As for how Eubanks convinced Wimberly to finally appear on the show, she convinced him to attend Altschul’s event with her because she knew there would be a lot of people.

“You know, it’s not going to be focused on you. So, I think it actually calmed his nerves and he actually shows up to something. So the viewers will get to see my husband,” she said.

Also during her interview with Entertainment Tonight, Eubanks made it clear that despite the fact that her husband doesn’t want to be a part of the Southern Charm cast, he is a big fan of the series, and of Bravo TV.

“He loves it, that’s a big misconception, ‘He doesn’t support the show, he must hate it.’ He loves it, so I think he was a little excited, now that it’s become successful, to be a part of it,” she explained. “He’s riding my coattails.”

Eubanks and Wimberly, who works as an anesthesiologist, got married in April 2014 and welcomed their first child, daughter Palmer Corrine Wimberly, in November 2017. No word yet on a potential second child for the couple.

To see more of Eubanks, Wimberly, and their co-stars, don’t miss tonight’s Season 6 finale of Southern Charm at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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