New Details Emerge About Duane Chapman’s Outing With ‘Mystery Woman’ Weeks After His Wife’s Death

A report is shedding new light on Duane Chapman’s night out with a mystery woman.

Earlier this week, the reality television star known as Dog the Bounty Hunter was spotted out at a Los Angeles restaurant with an unidentified woman, sparking rumors that Duane could be dipping back into the dating pool just a few weeks after the death of his wife, Beth. But a new report from Hollywood Life says that the mystery brunette was not a date at all, but instead a friend from his work.

A source told the celebrity news outlet that Dog the Bounty Hunter is still grieving the death of Beth after her long battle with cancer and that he was going out to the restaurant with a large group of friends from his work. The source added the Duane has some friends who are women but isn’t looking to get into any kind of relationship right now.

“It was not in any way a [romantic] date, he just was out having a good time with friends and the women he was pictured with is a friend of his and was a friend of Beth’s. There is zero funny business going on,” the source said.

The original reports about Duane Chapman being spotted with a mystery woman caused a stir online, and reportedly prompted an upset response from one family members. Bonnie Chapman, Duane’s daughter, responded angrily to the insinuations that her father was out on a date, Us Magazine reported. In an Instagram post that was later deleted, Bonnie lashed out at the speculation, which she believed was unfair to her dad.

“Pissed on my father’s behalf that he can’t go on a business dinner without someone speculating he’s on a date,” she wrote.

Duane Chapman and Beth were married for 13 years and had two children, along with 10 other kids in all from previous relationships. Beth was featured prominently in Duane’s series of reality television shows based on his career as a bounty hunter. After Beth’s passing, Duane organized two separate memorial services, one in Hawaii and another in Colorado.

Duane Chapman remained by his wife’s side in her final weeks as she battled cancer and her condition grew increasingly worse. Afterward, Duane said that he felt heartbroken and so overcome with grief that he lost 17 pounds in two weeks because he could not bring himself to eat. Chapman said he would have to force-feed himself the way he needed to feed his wife in her final days.

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