‘Shameless’ Star Steve Howey Stripped Down & Got Wet In Throwback Pic

The official Instagram page for the Showtime hit series Shameless kicked off the week by turning up the heat for its 1.8 million followers yesterday.

The series shared a throwback pic to the earlier years of the show, which featured a pudgier Steve Howey as Kevin Ball jumping into a pool after stripping down to his swimming suit.

The photo was an incredible shot of Howey’s character just as he was breaking the surface of the pool water. The water could be seen splashing up his legs and around his body. His arms were up at chest level, and his lips were closed in an awkward position. His long brunette locks that he rocked during the earlier seasons of the series blew up into the air as he crashed into the pool. The clear rippling water was filled with an assortment of inflatable toys, which floated all around Howey.

The fun throwback Instagram post featured a second snap of Howey after his character had settled into the pool. With water up to his waist, Howey held onto a giant rubber duck as he looked up and smiled at someone who was likely standing outside of the pool.

Droplets of water could be seen glistening off Howey’s chiseled arms in the second snapshot. It also looked as if he’d already been under the water in the second picture as his hair was dark, wet and slicked back.

Despite stripping down to his swimming bottoms and taking a dip in the pool, his character remained accessorized with a silver chain around his neck.

As many Shameless fans were quick to point out in the comments, it was a sweet throwback picture to a time when Howey had a round stomach and long hair.

As Shameless enters Season 10, Steve Howey has shaved off a significant amount of weight and frequently sports a more chiseled frame when he ditches his shirt.

The fun photo accumulated over 68,000 likes and just shy of 500 comments in less then 24 hours. Many Shameless fans instantly commented on how much they missed Howey’s round tummy and long hair. Several gushed about Kevin Ball being their favorite character.

As those who have been following all things Shameless know, the show recently added two new members to its cast. The Inquisitr confirmed just a few days ago that Rachel Dratch and Anthony Alabi are slated to appear as recurring cast members during Season 10. The premiere of Shameless Season 10 is scheduled for November 3 only on Showtime.

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