Billie Lee Claims Jax Taylor Is An ‘Awful Person,’ Said Things Off-Camera That Were ‘Very Alarming’

Billie Lee believes Jax Taylor is an “awful person.”

Weeks after announcing she was leaving the cast of Vanderpump Rules after about two-and-a-half seasons with the Bravo TV series, Lee opened up to In Touch Weekly magazine about her thoughts on Taylor, who recently tied the knot with Brittany Cartwright, and revealed she was warned about him and his verbally abusive ways from the get-go.

“When I joined Season 6, every person, because he cheated on Brittany, every person said, ‘Do not talk to him. Do not go around him. He is verbally abusive. He’s an awful human being,'” Lee recalled.

Although Lee was warned about Taylor and his potential attacks, she felt bad for him, just as she did when James Kennedy was excluded from the group, and actually hoped to inspire him to grow and become a better person. Unfortunately, she was unable to do so and instead learned that Taylor is “just an awful person.”

Lee went on to suggest that she heard Taylor saying some alarming things off-camera.

“When it comes to Jax, there were some things that I overheard him say off-camera that I thought was very alarming,” she told the magazine.

Lee did not share any details about what it was that Taylor had said but on Twitter in June, the reality star caught backlash after he said he hadn’t invited Lee to his wedding. As he explained at the time, he invited all other gay people but chose to leave Lee off the guest list because they weren’t close friends and had barely spent any time together.

“I think he tweeted, ‘I invited every gay person but Billie Lee’ and it’s like, I’m not gay. For him to not know the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation, it’s really frustrating for me,” Lee said of Taylor during a previous interview with In Touch Weekly magazine.

Also on Twitter in June, Taylor said that Lee was no longer on Vanderpump Rules. However, it wasn’t until weeks later when Lee finally confirmed to her blog readers that she was leaving the series due to the ongoing bullying she’s experienced from her co-stars.

Lee also said that one particular male cast member had demanded she be fired before he does or says something to offend her.

Vanderpump Rules Season 8 is expected to air on Bravo TV later this year but a premiere date has not yet been set.

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