WWE News: No Universal Title Rematch For Brock Lesnar Confirmed And Someone Isn’t Happy About It

Last night at SummerSlam, the unthinkable happened as Seth Rollins cleanly defeated Brock Lesnar to capture the WWE Universal Championship. It was a brutal match with plenty of violence from both men, but a new champion was crowned by the end of the night. Things have certainly changed in WWE and that includes the “automatic rematch” rule for champions — a rule that Paul Heyman is not overly happy about.

The match took everything out of both men, but it was Rollins who came out on top with a Stomp that brought Lesnar down for good. No one was entirely sure that it could be done, and it was even more shocking that Rollins won cleanly over the monster who has defeated so many.

Some fans expected the feud to continue and for Lesnar to get his automatic rematch as most past champions usually have, but that simply isn’t happening.

Back in December, The Inquisitr reported that WWE had quietly rid their rulebook of champions automatically receiving a rematch after losing a title. This would usually give a feud the chance to continue or totally finish out its run once and for all.

On Monday afternoon, Paul Heyman took to Twitter to confirm that he was not thrilled with the news that he and Lesnar had received.

Knowing that Lesnar is not going to get a rematch against Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship, it is not known when the beast will be seen again. There have been no rumors as to when he could show back up again or when his next appearance is scheduled.

The official website of WWE released their preview for this week’s Monday Night Raw and it details him slaying the beast once again. It states that Rollins will be bringing the title home to Monday Night Raw as a two-time Universal Champion.

The preview doesn’t even hint at what could be next for Seth Rollins or who could step up to challenge him for the belt. It is simply known that it won’t be Brock Lesnar as he is likely going to be taking some time off, which he usually does after finishing up a decent-sized feud in WWE.

Paul Heyman will likely step more into his new-ish role as Executive Director of Raw as he’ll be appearing on TV less frequently for a while. The automatic rematch rule for former champions is something that WWE had in place for a very long time, but it now something of the past and it has already affected Brock Lesnar. No one knows when the “Beast Incarnate” will show up next, but for now, Rollins is moving on.

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