WWE Rumors: WWE Had Plans For A New Stable But Has Already Cancelled Them

It is absolutely no surprise that the talent roster for WWE has far too many superstars and many of them are greatly underused. Ever since the Superstar Shake-Up back in April, some of the biggest names across every brand have disappeared with no real creative direction at all. Rumors are flying around that three of those superstars recently started appearing together as a stable, but WWE appears to have already cancelled any plans for it to move forward.

Earlier this summer, a new trio of random superstars from Monday Night Raw began teaming together at WWE Live Events. The team of Robert Roode, Cesaro, and Ethan Carter III began having a series of matches against the Lucha House Party, but none of this ever made it to television much.

At one point, though, there was an episode of Main Event in which Renee Young said the trio was essentially a stable called “The Main Event Muscle Men.” Young said that was what the three superstars were referring to themselves as, but it was never confirmed by WWE.

Honestly, this made a lot of sense to wrestling fans as all three superstars had been in limbo for months and they needed something to do. EC3 squashed any idea that this was a definite thing, though, but he may have just been holding off on unannounced plans.

Unfortunately, it appears as if The Main Event Muscle Men may never get a chance to appear on Monday Night Raw or anywhere else. Mike Johnson of PW Insider Elite, by way of Ringside News, states that any discussion of the stable moving forward has died and it seems as if plans have already been cancelled.

“I have heard zero about EC3 or Bobby Roode or that stable. I think it was an idea that they were doing an experiment with and it just never moved forward. Just one of those things that gets cast off as creative churned and there were new people brought in to run the different brands.”

Johnson went on to say that it’s unknown what the future holds for any of these three superstars under the creative direction of Paul Heyman and/or Eric Bischoff.

Cesaro has been completely left in the dust since being moved to Raw and separated from Sheamus, who has been out due to injury. Robert Roode has had no direction since his tag team with Chad Gable split up. EC3 has done absolutely nothing since being brought to the main roster from NXT. Now, WWE appeared to have an idea for The Main Event Muscle Men, but it seems as if things are already done with it.

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