Mike Johnson Shows Up On ‘Bachelor In Paradise,’ Fans Want To Know How Long He’s Around & If He Found Love

This week on Bachelor in Paradise, spoilers tease that Mike Johnson from Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette will show up looking for love. Franchise fans will be thrilled to see him again, but those who are rooting for him to be the next Bachelor lead may feel anxious that this BIP appearance means he’s not in the running to hand out roses this winter. Does Mike find love this summer or is he still single?

According to spoiler king Reality Steve, Mike arrives soon after the first rose ceremony. He’ll have a date card with him, of course, and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers detail that he’ll ask Caelynn Miller-Keyes to join him. This will probably come as fantastic news for Caelynn, as up until now she’s mostly been stressing out over Blake Horstmann being there.

Not much is known about Mike and Caelynn’s date quite yet. Not only that, but ABC has been stretching out the action much more than what viewers usually see on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

The first rose ceremony of Season 6 won’t even air until Episode 3 airing on Monday night, and TV Guide notes that Tuesday’s show will focus a great deal on Hannah Godwin and Demi Burnett’s respective romantic struggles. Despite that, Mike and the show have teased that he’ll be shaking things up in Mexico beginning Monday night.

At whatever point Mike does appear, Reality Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers suggest that his time with Caelynn won’t turn into anything much. When the second rose ceremony airs, he’s said to get a rose from Sydney Lotuaco as Dean Unglert will have connected with Caelynn by this time.

Mike seemingly doesn’t get to head out on a specific date before the next rose ceremony. However, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that he and Sydney continue to spend time together. During the third rose ceremony, he gives his to Sydney.

Interestingly, the next round of dates brings a new outing for Mike. Reality Steve’s spoilers share that Angela Amezcua will show up with a date card and she’ll apparently have her eye on the recent Bachelorette hottie. Details regarding this date have not surfaced, but apparently, Angela ends up giving her rose to Chase McNary at the next rose ceremony rather than Mike.

Johnson is eliminated at that point, and spoilers suggest that he’s remained official single since then. The good news is that judging by how ABC has been breaking up these episodes, viewers will probably get to see Mike on their screens for much of the season. In addition, it would appear he remains a strong frontrunner to be The Bachelor this winter.

An announcement regarding The Bachelor will not be made for another few weeks. Mike Johnson isn’t the only guy hoping to hand out roses this winter, but it looks as if his Bachelor in Paradise experience won’t extinguish his chances. Fans are anxious to see more of this former Bachelorette contestant and they’ll get their chance beginning this week.

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