Janet Jackson Goes Viral After Surprising Superfan Dad In Vegas, He’s Left Speechless

Since May, Janet Jackson has been embarking on her first-ever Las Vegas residency, “Metamorphosis,” at the Park Theater.

On June 11, KB Strawder Jr. shared a video to Twitter of his dad being gifted Janet Jackson tickets on Father’s Day. The video saw him jump up with excitement and quickly caught the attention of many, racking up over 8,000 likes and over 1,000 retweets.

The best was still yet to come at this point.

On the night, Strawder’s dad was interviewed after the show about the concert. While expressing his thoughts and love for Miss Jackson, little did he know that she was right behind him listening to every word. The “Black Cat” chart-topper quickly put her arms around him and told him he was really sweet. While placing her head on his shoulder, she explained that she is glad that he got to see her perform.

The precious moment was captured on video and was uploaded to Twitter, which quickly went viral.

“Remember my dad’s reaction on Father’s Day to him finding out he was going to see @JanetJackson show in Las Vegas?….well we went to the show and there was one more surprise,” he shared.

The heartfelt clip shows KB Strawder Jr.’s dad gasp and choke up the second he hears Janet’s voice. Due to being starstruck in the beginning, he struggled to look at her in the face. In the end, the pair shared a warm passionate hug.

The tweet racked up over 332,000 likes within 22 hours and has been re-tweeted by over 57,800 accounts.

Since becoming a trending hot topic, Janet has shared the video to her own Instagram.

“I think he stopped breathing for a good 5 seconds,” one Instagram user joked in the comments section.

“He held that together because I would have defecated and ran to the nearest bathroom… lol,” another shared.

“His face was priceless, beautiful moment. Lord knows I would have pass out if Janet ever surprised me like that lol!” a third insisted.

“If this was me u would b sitting with me on the back of the ambulance on our way to nearest hospital. LOVE U,” a fourth follower mentioned.

The “Metamorphosis” residency is scheduled to run until August 17.

Jackson’s fans can expect new music soon since “Drop That Kitty” hitmaker Ty Dolla $ign recently revealed that Janet sent him a track for him to jump on, which The Inquisitr reported.

Last week, it was announced that she will be embarking on a tour in Australia in November for the first time in eight years, per The Inquisitr.

To keep up with what Janet Jackson is up to, follow her Instagram account, which boasts over 3.6 million followers.

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