WWE News: Interesting Fact About Edge’s Ring Return At ‘SummerSlam’ – Hall Of Famer Comments

On Sunday night, the WWE superstars of today and the future came together for SummerSlam, but there was a great bit of nostalgia as well. Goldberg came out and defeated Dolph Ziggler in a squash. Trish Stratus wrestled her final match ever. Also, the “R-Rated Superstar” Edge made a shocking return and took out Elias, which led to a heartfelt tribute from the former champion and an interesting note on his comeback.

During the SummerSlam Kickoff Show, Elias came out to the ring for a concert, as recapped by the official website of WWE, but it is never that easy. Fans know that Elias’ concerts never go quite as planned, and this was not going to be the case for a big pay-per-view either.

Elias had his guitar and was all set up in the ring during the Toronto pay-per-view, and he spoke of how busy he had been in the days leading up to it. He was not impressed with the people he saw in the city, and his latest song detailed that even more so.

All of a sudden, the familiar music of former WWE World Champion Edge hit, and the crowd went absolutely insane for the Hall of Famer. He didn’t say a single word, but he didn’t have to as he delivered a massive spear to Elias as the singing superstar charged at him.

It was an incredible moment for wrestling fans and the city of Toronto as SummerSlam kicked off with a huge bang. There was something very interesting about Edge’s return to the ring, even though he won’t be coming back for a full-on wrestling return.

According to PW Insider Elite, by way of Ringside News, it is believed that this was the first time Edge hit anyone with the move since he stopped wrestling. Not long after WrestleMania 27, Edge was “medically disqualified” from wrestling ever again and had to retire in 2011.

After the moment had passed and the fans at SummerSlam in Toronto had seen a true legend come back for a brief moment, he knew it was time to reflect. Edge hopped on his Instagram account to post about his time back in his “home.”

Due to the medical issues that have plagued Edge and caused him to retire, it is very unlikely that he will ever be back in the ring or have another match. The risks are simply too great, and WWE would not want to endanger anyone, no matter how popular or great it could be. SummerSlam was a great event, but it was made even better hearing the theme music and seeing the R-Rated Superstar perform a spear on Elias.

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