Fans Enraged At Farrah Abraham’s Parenting Choices After Instagram Pic With Daughter Sophia

Fans are enraged over Farrah Abraham’s parenting choices after the former Teen Mom star posted an Instagram pic taken with her young daughter Sophia at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards.

The photo, snapped at the popular teen award show, showed the reality star and her child posing together in a photo framed by the event’s logo. In the pic, Farrah is seen wearing a strapless, tight, purple satin dress, and her long hair is framing her shoulders. Alongside her, Sophia is also wearing a purple dress and a gold heart necklace.

Fans were enraged at the former Teen Mom star for allowing her daughter to head out to the event in what they deemed was too much makeup. Sophia is 10-years-old and is the daughter of Farrah and Derek Underwood, who tragically died in a car accident before his daughter’s birth.

In the photo’s caption, Farrah stated that she was happy to attend the event with her daughter and that she was excited to see the path Sophia’s future would take. She then added the hashtags “#singing” and “#acting.”

One fan commented that the reality star should concentrate on the more important aspects of Sophia’s young life.

“Singing…acting….traveling…………..EDUCATION????” said one social media user.

Another commented, “She doesn’t look like she’s 10! Can you imagine all the sick men out there looking at her,” noting the heavy makeup the child sported for the event.

Still another fan remarked, “The amount of makeup on both of them would last me 2 years.”

This is not the first time fans have taken the now adult-film star to task over her parenting skill set. She also posted to Instagram a photo from an appearance at the event BeautyCon with Sophia where fans also commented on how much makeup the little girl was wearing.

Farrah has always been a champion of her daughter’s success. It is the way she appears to go about it that many of her followers have taken issue with. Sophia recently competed in a beauty pageant, winning in the competition. In the series of photos that Farrah posted congratulating her daughter, Sophia looks more like a girl her age should in a sweet, peach-colored gown.

Despite her many critics, Farrah Abraham is one of the most well-known personalities that have emerged from the Teen Mom series of MTV shows, which debuted in 2008. A 17-year-old Farrah was featured on the series, pregnant with Sophia, her only child. She stayed with the series for four years and afterward released a memoir and embarked on a music career. Farrah returned to the Teen Mom OG series but was fired in 2017 after she performed in a Halloween-themed webcam show, reported Us Weekly.

Farrah would clap back at the channel, stating in a Facebook post that MTV let her go because as an adult, she takes in adult promotions and activities that other adults do for free or in private.

The Teen Mom series of shows air on MTV.

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