‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Laura Could Possibly Be Getting Closer To The Truth About Nikolas

There have been many General Hospital rumors floating around that Nikolas Cassadine will be reappearing sometime soon, but there hasn’t been any confirmation yet. Fans are anxious to have this longtime character back on screen. They would love it even more if Tyler Christopher were to return to his role as Nik. It does appear that the soap is heading in that direction with all of the hints going around lately.

Nik’s name has been brought up several times in the past few weeks. Ava Jerome recently used a psychic to contact her dead daughter, Kiki. That gave the opportunity for her to ask Sibley to try her hand at contacting Nikolas as well. That didn’t work out as Sibley told Ava that she just couldn’t get his vibe at all. Now Laura has got her curiosity up about the “other side.” General Hospital spoilers that Soap Central posted for the week of August 12 indicates that Laura will reach for the phone.

That is a pretty obscure spoiler, to say the least. Will she be calling someone or will someone be calling her? It’s likely that the new psychic, Chelsea, will be the person on the other line. Laura had called her after her chat with Ava. She planted that idea in Laura’s head last week when the women had a chat about Scott Baldwin. He is concerned that Ava is getting played by the two psychics.

Scott may have two friends to worry about now that Laura took it upon herself to call Chelsea. She left a message to call her back. After Ava had told Laura that she should try contacting Chelsea, she did just that.

Since Sibley couldn’t feel Nik’s presence at all, it’s highly possible that Chelsea will tell Laura the same thing. The interaction with Chelsea could give Laura some hope that maybe her son is still alive. After all, no body was found.

Some General Hospital fans think that Nikolas Cassadine is the one who took Cassandra Pierce and that he is just biding his time until he reappears in Port Charles. This is still just rumor, but these are strong hints that may be leading up to the prince’s exciting return. If this proves to be true, Tyler Christoper may just step back into his longtime role. A recast is always possible as well.

Be sure to watch General Hospital this week to see if Laura is able to get Chelsea to contact Nik.

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