Vizio Internet App Connected Devices Get Shown Off At CES 2010

Just stopped by the Vizio Booth that’s near the entrance to the CES show. Their new LCDs, which I spotted with 240Hz, feature Vizio internet connected application with connectivity to popular sites many of us search and use including Twitter, Yahoo News and Rhapsody

The most impressive part of the units however is the bluetooth controller with a slide out qwerty keyboard that can be used to browse the web, bringing a new level of connectivity to their televisions. According to Alan Huang of Vizio, the Bluetooth controller can be used from any room in your home, traveling as far as your network will let it.

Users can even bring up their tweets, messages and @replies right on their TV, ensuring they always stay connected to the newest messages from their friends while tweeting what they think about that new episode of Heroes.

The units also feature built-in 802.11 b/g/n connectivity, bringing top notch connectivity to the users unit.

The units also come equipped a ton of other internet connected info, including access to cast and crew info, reviews, wikipedia info and even the ability to buy movies through Vizio’s Vudu service.

Definitely worth a closer look if your in the market for an internet connected television with crystal clear playback. Great way to start CES 2010.

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