‘Big Brother 21’ Week 7 Spoilers: Power Of Veto Winner Revealed

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 21.

Week 7 in the Big Brother house is moving right along after Tommy Bracco was crowned Head of Household, Christie Murphy was placed on the block as a third nominee, and the players were chosen for the Power of Veto competition. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Jackson Michie and Nick Maccarone were selected to play in the Veto competition alongside Tommy, Christie, and the two HOH nominees: Kathryn Dunn and Cliff Hogg.

On Saturday evening, the feeds were down for quite a while for the POV competition. When they came back, Twitter spoiler account @BB_Updates reported that Tommy won the Veto. This was a crucial victory and what happens from here on out will dramatically change the game. Tommy had suggested earlier in the day that if he won the Veto he would definitely be removing Christie from the block since she has been a strong ally of his since Day 1. It was revealed the duo know each other from outside the game as well as Christie dated Tommy’s aunt in the past.

Since Tommy plans to remove Christie from the block, this means Kathryn or Cliff is definitely going home come Thursday night. The two are fan-favorites and members of the underdog alliance Cliff’s Angels.

Cliff apparently got hurt during the competition, which is causing some of the houseguests to lean towards evicting him. Others think it’s better to keep an injured player in the game, to strengthen their own chances of winning competitions in the future.

The competition was none other than the classic OTEV challenge, which is a fan-favorite each season. In an OTEV competition, houseguests are asked trivia questions from their time in the house, and then have to find the answer among a slew of wrong answers in a watery and slimy backyard full of pits and obstacles. It’s the competition every Big Brother houseguest wishes they can play in and pray that they win.

Tommy won the POV

There was also some sort of issue between Kathryn and Cliff where they fought for a rope in the game which has caused Kat to feel guilty after the competition. After a houseguest finds the correct answer in the yard, they have to climb up a steep incline on a rope, and there are one fewer spots for players to sit on than those playing.

The Veto meeting will take place Sunday evening where Tommy will make his final decision.

Big Brother airs every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights on CBS.

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