Joy-Anna Duggar Shares Sweet Photos Of Gideon, But Fans Find Something Else To Worry About

Joy-Anna Duggar is still healing after her miscarriage that left she and husband Austin Forsyth devastated. She has been posting more on social media and she seems to be getting stronger everyday. It likely helps to have her son, Gideon, brighten her day with his joyful smile. The adorable little guy has been featured in quite a handful of pictures and videos just this past week.

The most recent set of photos that Joy-Anna shared of Gideon, via Instagram, came on Friday. The 1-year-old is seen wearing a short, one-piece striped outfit with a giraffe on the front, but that isn’t the cutest part. The Duggar grandson has on a pair of cowboy boots on his small feet. His mom mentioned in the caption how he looks so old with them on. This set of adorable snapshots has fans melting.

There is something else that her followers noticed as well. Gideon is holding onto a bottle of Mountain Dew and in one of the photos, he has it up to his mouth looking like he is drinking it. That got some people up in arms that a child his age is possibly consuming such a sugary substance, not to mention the caffeine. However, if you look closely, the bottle still has the cap on. The boy is just pretending to drink it.

A few people proceeded to point that out to all the mom-shamers who blasted Joy-Anna Duggar, noting that he isn’t actually chugging the soda pop as it appears.

It also looks like little Gideon may have gotten a new pet. Earlier in the day, the Counting On star posted some snaps of her son getting lots of kisses from a chocolate lab puppy. She mentioned that Gideon wasn’t too sure on what to think about all the love he was getting from the pooch. It’s not totally clear whether this dog belongs to them or someone else, but the blond-haired little guy seems to have made a friend.

Joy-Anna has been enjoying some family time and the great outdoors, as she shared on social media. That appears to be helping to get her back on her feet. Duggar fans have said how glad they are to have her back posting updates on her family. They are especially happy to see current photos of little Gideon.

Keep checking back for more updates on Joy-Anna Duggar and the rest of her growing family. TLC’s Counting On is expected to return in October with brand new episodes.

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