WWE Rumors: ‘SummerSlam’ Rated TV-14 Because WWE Is ‘Going To Get Violent’

Over the last couple of months, wrestling fans have noticed a bit of a change in WWE’s product, with some rougher matches, stronger language, and edgier storylines. While they may not be returning to the “Attitude Era,” things are taking a turn, and it should be noted that Sunday’s SummerSlam is rated TV-14. Well, there is a good reason for that higher than PG-rating and it is due to this weekend’s event bringing the violence.

Vince McMahon has long said that WWE won’t return to the days of the “Attitude Era” and that they will remain a PG product. The Inquisitr even reported on Vince saying that they will not return to the “gory crap” and that other networks won’t put up with the “blood and guts” that some promotions (AEW) are promising.

One week after saying that, Brock Lesnar beat Seth Rollins so badly on Monday Night Raw that the former WWE Universal Champion was coughing up blood in the ring.

In a bit of an interesting turn, Ringside News has noticed that DirecTV and other network providers have SummerSlam listed with a rating of TV-14. This is different from the norm as almost all of their weekly TV shows and pay-per-views have been rated PG for years.

After the beatdown that Lesnar gave Rollins, though, the pay-per-view could end up leading to even more violence.

After word started making the rounds that SummerSlam would be rated TV-14, some of the wrestling experts began digging a bit more. While it’s not yet known what will happen on the big show this Sunday, it seems as if WWE is going to let things take a turn toward the ugly and more vicious side.

With the way that the Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar storyline has been going, it would not be surprising to see that match turn violent. No matches have been given any kind of “No Disqualification” stipulation or anything like that, but they could still turn ugly.

With Brad Shepard mentioning the storyline with Daniel Bryan, Rowan, and Roman Reigns, it’s also possible that it could get violent. As reported by The Inquisitr, two proposed matches were reportedly scrapped for SummerSlam, but Reigns was almost “killed” in two instances and progression of this angle could take things up a level.

It will be interesting to see just how far Vince McMahon allows the violence to go at SummerSlam, but he is obviously giving it a bit of leeway. With the rating for the pay-per-view being pushed to TV-14, they are at least expecting something to happen that is beyond the normal way of doing things with the family product.

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