Anti-Trump Twitter Decides It’s Time For A Diet After Viral List Shows Fast Food Chains Backing Donald Trump

The anti-Trump contingent on Twitter has decided to go on a diet after a viral list showed the number of fast food chains reportedly supporting Donald Trump’s re-election.

The list was tweeted on Thursday morning by user “BillyBobSanderz,” showing a dozen fast food and restaurant chains that it claimed were supporting Trump. The list didn’t say exactly how the companies were trying to help the president to be re-elected, but that didn’t matter much to the many people who decided to boycott the companies.

As Newsweek noted, the Twitter account belongs to a man named Zuriel Sanders, who said he had been investigating which companies were funding political action committees that are directly supporting Trump’s re-election or have in the past. Sanders admitted that the companies may not have been directly supporting Trump.

“It’s indirect but I still see it as them supporting his campaign even if it’s indirect you know?” he told Newsweek. “And consumers shopping at these places are indirectly supporting his campaign for re-election. Some people think I’m trying to shame them but it’s more me pointing out hey, you’re posting how you don’t like what our admin is doing, but you’re kind of supporting them.”

As the report noted, the tweet came as many who oppose Trump were trying to organize boycotts of the companies SoulCycle and Equinox after their owner, Stephen Ross, hosted a high price tag fundraiser for Trump on Friday.

Though the Washington Post and others have debunked the tweet by pointing out that the companies have not directly given money to Trump (and sometimes it is just employees giving on their own to Trump), many others have decided to change their eating habits and boycott those included on the list.

Even if Donald Trump’s opponents are giving up their fast food habits in a misguided attempt to oppose his re-election, the president will likely continue to support them. Trump has a famous affinity for fast food, and during the 2016 campaign would sometimes tweet out pictures of himself enjoying fast food meals while on the road between campaign stops.

The president also served an array of fast food for the Clemson Tigers football team when they visited after winning the national championship. The visit came amid a federal government shutdown, so with the White House kitchen staff furloughed and Trump forced to find food on his own, he decided to buy a spread of his favorites to serve to the players and coaches.

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