Marina Joyce Missing: London Police Seek Help Locating YouTuber Who Was Center Of Conspiracy Theories In 2016

YouTube star Marina Joyce has not been seen in more than a week, and police in London are asking the public to help in locating the 22-year-old.

As Hollywood Life reported, Joyce was reported missing to London police earlier this week. The Haringey Police of London tweeted about her apparent disappearance, asking for help in finding her, while the non-profit organization, Missing People, published an online flyer with details about her disappearance.

Marina Joyce gained fame through her lifestyle vlogs and makeup videos, garnering a following of more than 2 million subscribers. She sparked conspiracy theories in 2016 when she appeared in a video that fans thought showed her acting erratically and covered in noticeable bruises. As the Hollywood Life report noted, some fans believed that she whispered “help me” in a video published in October of that year, leading to theories that she was being held against her will.

Joyce continued to worry fans even after it was determined that she had been in no danger. As the Daily Star reported, she went on to publish another video in which she asked followers to call her “Goddess Marina” and said she wanted to create a temple and shrine to herself, where she would be known as the “God of the Shrine.” This led to fans expressing concern for her mental health.

Marina Joyce denied the conspiracy theories about being held against her will, but did later say that she was suffering mental health issues at the time and was not taking care of herself properly.

“It was so bad. It hurts me to this day to think of all the reckless things I did that showed that I did not care about my life,” she said in a YouTube video published five months later, as reported by Hollywood Life. “Things that I would look back upon and feel so grateful that I am still alive. I lived in isolation of what happened to me, of people not understanding what I was truly going through.”

As the Daily Star reported, Marina Joyce last published a YouTube video on June 21, including a caption saying that she would be publishing another one in the coming week. She has not posted anything since that date, however, prompting some of her fans to express worry at her absence, especially given her past struggles with depression.

Police in London have asked anyone with information on the whereabouts of Marina Joyce to reach out to them at the contact information listed above.

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