WWE Rumors: Former Champions Pulled From ‘SummerSlam’ Weekend After Recent Arrest

This weekend, WWE is putting on one of their bigger pay-per-views of every year with SummerSlam, but it isn’t without a bit of controversy. Matches have been pulled from the card, others have been changed, and one superstar is out due to neck surgery. Now, a very popular tag team has been pulled from the whole weekend due to some legal troubles stemming from a recent arrest.

Instead of the usual weekend Axxess for WWE fans, things were changed this time around with a “Superstar Superstore.” SummerSlam didn’t have a whole ton of extra events, but it did have a large number of meet-and-greets, autograph sessions, and even some interviews.

This year’s SummerSlam is missing a number of big names, as main-event talents like Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan aren’t even scheduled for matches. Some others who are not on the card are former tag team champions The Usos, but they were originally scheduled to appear at the Superstore for a meet-and-greet session.

According to PW Insider, that meet-and-greet session has also been canceled and it is expected that neither of The Usos will be at SummerSlam weekend in Toronto. It appears as if the legal problems related to Jimmy Uso’s arrest last month are what brought about the cancellation.

In late July, Jimmy Uso was pulled over by the police for speeding near Pensacola, Florida. He was said to be driving erratically and police noticed a strong smell of alcohol after pulling him over. Jimmy refused a sobriety test, which led to a DUI arrest and a speeding citation.

Once word got around to WWE, the company really didn’t have a lot to say in regard to Jimmy Uso’s arrest.

“Jonathan Fatu (Jimmy Uso) is responsible for his own personal actions.”

This was not the first time that Jimmy had been in trouble for the very same thing, though. As reported by The Inquisitr, he was arrested back in February for driving drunk and getting into an argument with Detroit police officers upon being pulled over.

Uso’s latest arrest brought about some problems as the DUI prevented him from entering Canada. The Usos were both scheduled for the signing event on Saturday, but they have since been removed from the schedule since Jimmy could not get to Toronto.

WWE has not released anything publicly regarding the removal of The Usos from the SummerSlam Superstore. While Jey Uso was not arrested nor does he have any recent legal troubles, he was likely removed due to the fact that Jimmy couldn’t be there with him.

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