‘General Hospital’ Fans Go Wild Over William Lipton’s Work As Cameron Webber In Midst Of Shiloh & Franco Drama

Young actor William Lipton has been playing Cameron Webber on General Hospital for a while now. In reaction, fans cannot help but praise the work he has done over the past couple of episodes. The storyline itself may not be a winner in the eyes of most viewers, but Lipton’s acting has garnered love from people all over social media.

Over the course of Thursday’s and Friday’s episodes, Lipton’s character, Cameron, was kidnapped by Shiloh. He was sedated so he could be given Franco’s memories, saved by Franco, and rescued by Drew and Curtis. The 16-year-old actor delivered some stunning scenes and even those who have been annoyed by Shiloh’s storyline wreaking havoc and Franco getting those memories seem to be embracing Will’s work this week.

As these latest episodes aired, General Hospital fans across Twitter were praising Lipton’s scenes. Some noted that William was phenomenal in these shows and some quipped that Cameron was channeling his biological father, Zander, this week. More than a few think that it’s now clearer than ever that someone will soon kill Shiloh, with Cam probably pegged as a prime suspect.

Many General Hospital viewers have also been brought to tears by the work that Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth), Roger Howarth (Franco) and Billy Miller (Drew) have done concerning the latest storyline’s twists and turns.

There were a number of tweets after Friday’s show from viewers expressing their love for the latest scenes involving Drew and Cameron. Sadly, these are probably some of the last moments that people will see these two together.

As The Inquisitr recently noted, Miller confirmed that he is leaving General Hospital. Spoilers suggest that his last show will air in two weeks and fans cannot help but speculate now that Drew’s departure from Port Charles will be connected to these latest developments involving Shiloh, Franco and Cameron.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps don’t reveal too much in terms of where the program is headed next. Franco will regain consciousness soon but viewers will need to stay tuned to see whether he possesses Drew’s memories when he awakens. It does sound as if there are a lot of scenes involving Elizabeth, Franco, Curtis and Drew coming and viewers will be seeing Kim pop up again soon as Franco reaches out to her.

Lipton has only been playing this role since last August, but viewers took to the young actor almost immediately. Cameron’s daughter has had a lot going on over the past few months, supporting Josslyn and struggling with Oscar’s death. However, fans seem to feel certain that these last couple of episodes have shown some of his most impressive scenes to date.

General Hospital spoilers seem to suggest that Shiloh’s reign of terror in Port Charles might finally come to an end soon. Based on the latest developments that aired this week, William Lipton may be part of more compelling scenes as Cameron Webber when this storyline stretches toward the finish line.


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