‘Tomb Raider: Day One’ Trailer Filled With Explosions

The new “Tomb Raider: Day One” trailer is filled with explosions.

The videogame series Tomb Raider has been given a much-needed reboot this year. Crystal Dynamics has gone out of their way to give the new title not only a face-lift, but also send Lara Croft back in time to when she began her journey as the “tomb raider.”

The game starts out with Lara Croft on a boat as it gets ripped apart in a storm, leaving our heroine stranded and forced to fight to survive the natural wildlife, natives and weather alongside her surviving crew mates.

Through the course of the game, Lara Croft starts as a rich heiress and must learn to survive terrible conditions to achieve her role as the “tomb raider.”

The environments appear to be open island fare with luscious palm trees, wood bridges, and craggy cliff sides. Lara Croft will use a bow and arrow, a rapid-fire crossbow, and of course the pistol the Tomb Raider veterans have grown to love.

As the trailer begins on Game Informer, we see a boat sailing along through not-so-calm waters, and then a series of ships which seem to have run aground on a rocky beach.

Then we see Lara Croft standing atop the towering mast looking down, calling over her radio:

“Mayday, mayday! This is Lara Croft…”

Then we see Lara Croft jumping up toward ladder rungs above the mast. Next, she’s sitting at the very top as the sun flashes behind her through a cloudy sky. Her voice-over says:

“Every survivor has a story”

A review from The Escapist flashes up rating Tomb Raider a five out of five.

Next we see Lara Croft standing in what appears to be a prosperous island village with wood bridges, Japanese-style architecture, and ropes which appear to be strung across great expanses.

We see Lara Croft standing in a wood railed platform with an older man as a male voice-over says:

“You got great instincts, girl. You just have to trust them.”

Lara Croft is seen prepping a pistol at this point, before a review from IGN gives Tomb Raider a 9.1 out of 10.

Lara Croft is then standing in a sort of cavern with a Buddha statue and what appears to be a pillar-style altar, as she does a voice-over:

“Every mystery has its truth.”

We then see Lara Croft holding a torch in a cavern with what appears to be a painting, as she says:

“What the hell is happening on this island?”

A review from Entertainment Weekly gives it an A-, and we see Lara Croft on a bridge with a giant monster holding a primitive but nasty-looking and massive club. Her voice-over continues:

“Every saga has its beginning.”

Then Lara Croft starts running along a bridge that appears to be under attack and collapsing around her in clouds of splinters and debris, and then she’s firing a rapid-fire crossbow in a room with crates and enemies.

Another review from Kotaku announces Tomb Raider as “A finely crafted reboot.”

Then a couple of action sequences such as burning wood structures, and Lara Croft sliding down a rope using her bow or something, precedes another review from CNet claiming Tomb Raider “Will have you begging to go back.”

A couple of scenes of Lara Croft with her bow, one with her firing it at a platform in the distance, go by before a slew of raving reviews come up at once.

A lot of explosions and action sequences roll by before Game Informer calls Tomb Raider “Perfect.”

Then we see Lara Croft in scenes jumping toward a helicopter and standing holding a crossbow and regular bow against a stormy backdrop, before the title drops in announcing Tomb Raider is in stores now.

Are you excited to play the new Tomb Raider after the “Day One” trailer? See the trailer below.

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