WWE News: ‘NXT UK’ Talent Banned From Wrestling Certain Performers

One of the freedoms afforded to NXT UK talent is the freedom to wrestle for independent promotions. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t restricted by some rules put in place by WWE to ensure that they can only wrestle in certain types of matches or against superstars who don’t threaten WWE’s business interests elsewhere.

Citing the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 411Mania reports that performers signed to NXT UK are prohibited from competing in televised and streamed matches for other companies.

On top of that, the talent is only allowed to wrestle at shows where there’s at least one paramedic on site, who must have a certificate to administer life-saving drugs.

In a bid to prevent injuries from occurring prior to filming episodes of NXT UK, WWE-contracted stars aren’t allowed to compete in matches for other promotions seven days before they’re scheduled to appear at a television taping for their main employer.

One of the most interesting — if unsurprising — pieces of information from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter report, however, reveals that NXT UK stars aren’t allowed to compete against All Elite Wrestling-affiliated talent.

This also extends to performers who wrestle for Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, or World of Sport.

The latter company shouldn’t come as a surprise as NXT UK was set up to thwart the growth of the company, which airs on ITV — one of the most popular television channels in the United Kingdom.

Since its inception, NXT UK has been well received in the wrestling community for the most part. Much like its United States counterpart, it represents the branch of WWE’s product that’s geared toward hardcore wrestling fans.

The in-ring action is more hard-hitting than WWE’s main roster shows, while the storylines are less sports entertainment-oriented.

NXT UK has also given British and European wrestlers a place to compete that enables them to make money through the safety of a contract. Independent talents are usually unable to make a living from wrestling if they get injured. NXT UK competitors, on the other hand, will always get paid as long as they’re signed to WWE.

The brand does have its critics, though. Prior to WWE unveiling its British brand and subsequently signing some of the best talents the country has to offer, the national wrestling scene was booming.

With AEW set to air on ITV later this year, another major wrestling promotion is about to establish a strong foothold in British wrestling. The company has already signed some local talent in a bid to appeal to those viewers.

What that means for the future of the British wrestling scene remains to be seen, though.

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