Gigi Hadid Says She Was Robbed On Her Luxurious Vacation To Mykonos

Gigi Hadid just got back from a luxurious vacation in Mykonos, but things weren’t as glamorous as they appear, according to the model. She posted a mirror selfie on her disposable Instagram account – a feed dedicated to disposable film photos – saying that she wouldn’t be returning to the Greek island after being robbed.

“Mykonos film in. PS(A). Don’t let insta fool u. Got robbed. Never going back lol. Wouldn’t recommend. Spend your money elsewhere,” she wrote in a caption for the Instagram post.

The model has since posted eight more images, several in Mykonos and one in Disneyland, and none of them give any additional details about what took place.

Fans were quick to come to the island’s defense.

“[G]reece is not a country with criminality but there’s times that this will happen, I can assure you all, that LA is much worse, so don’t blame Greece…” said one commenter.

“This is slandering. Go elsewhere but don’t use your impact to deter others from going,” added another.

Other fans were happy that the model shared the reality behind her picture-perfect vacation, noting that sometimes celebrities want to paint things in an overly positive light.

“[T]he fact that you were so honest about it is just amazing. thank you for that! also: thank you for these pictures that make us feel on a trip with you! keep posting,” wrote one person.

Others wanted to make sure that the supermodel was ok after such a harrowing experience.

Gigi was visiting the island with sister Bella Hadid and Alana Hadid to celebrate the latter’s 34th birthday, and the group appeared to be having a great time, at least according to the photos that she posted. Beyond the bikini snaps and glamorous selfies, she also shared images of her and her friends playing on the water and standing in front of the inviting pool.

Things haven’t been all bad for the 24-year old. As The Inquisitr reported previously, the blonde bombshell has found new love after she started reportedly dating Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron. The two have been spotted on a bowling date and at Brooklyn’s Soho House where they were seen laughing and talking in a private area of the club. The pair first connected publicly after following each other on Instagram.

Meanwhile, sister Bella has reportedly ended her relationship with The Weeknd, at least for the time being. E! News reports that the pair are taking a break because they are in different places in their lives right now.

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