Kylie Jenner Looks Almost Unrecognizable In No-Makeup Picture, Her Lips Look Half Their Normal Size

Fans may need a double-take to recognize Kylie Jenner in a snap from her latest trip to Italy, with a photo showing the reality television star with no makeup and very noticeably smaller lips.

Kylie, who adopted a plump-lip look as she gained fame through her already famous sisters, apparently ditched the fillers for the trip to the island of Capri to celebrate her 22nd birthday. Hollywood Life shared a picture of Kylie enjoying a day out, noting how she looked drastically different with no makeup and much smaller lips.

“The makeup mogul, who is usually glammed up no matter what the occasion, appeared to be fresh faced in photos snapped on August 8,” the report noted. “Kylie — who recently launched her own skincare line, Kylie Skin — showed off her perfect, blemish-free complexion as she prepared for a day in the sun. Her notoriously plump lips also appeared to be reduced in size.”

Kylie may be trying to kick back during her birthday vacation, which includes boyfriend Travis Scott and various friends and family members. The report noted that she is renting out the quarter-billion-dollar yacht Tranquility for her trip, which comes at a cost of $1.2 million per week. Kylie’s lips looked their normal large size in other recent photos she had shared, including a trip with her group of friends to Turks and Caicos to celebrate the launch of Kylie Skin.

This is not the first time that Kylie Jenner has been spotted without her signature pouty, oversized lips. Back in June, Hollywood Life published photographs of Kylie on her way to a dentist visit while sporting an au naturel look with no makeup or lip fillers. Kylie was sporting black sweatpants and her hair pulled up in a low bun, which was a very different look, the report noted.

The report noted that Kylie Jenner has been injecting lip fillers since she was 17 when she admitted to having the procedure to give her lips an almost impossibly plump look. Kylie has since built an empire out of lip care, with her Kylie Cosmetics line gaining fame for its lip kits and taking Kylie to a new level of wealth. Earlier this year, Forbes declared that Kylie was the youngest self-made billionaire at the age of 21, though this came with quite a bit of controversy as many argued against the idea that she was “self-made.” Kylie was able to launch her cosmetics line thanks to the millions of dollars her family has made through its reality television empire, which started when Kylie was still an adolescent.

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