Iron Man 3: New Trailer Released [Video]

Iron Man 3 is less than two months away, and the newest trailer was released today.

In the film Iron Man 3, Tony Stark goes up against his most fearsome opponent yet. The Mandarin knows no boundaries and seems intent on ruining everyone’s life using the “Ten Rings”, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Iron Man is attacked and stranded after trying to save the lives of those he cares for, and from previous images released, as well as the new trailer, Tony Stark ends up enlisting the help of the Iron Patriot.

In an interview with Robert Downey Jr., he was asked if he had any fears about coming back as Iron Man for what is actually the fourth time. According to, RDJ said:

“I was kinda looking forward to it. … This is, to me, the kind of grab bag wish list of things we’ve always wanted to do and haven’t had the chance. … Iron Man 3 was supposed to answer all the questions for an audience. … Then we shot the movie and I feel like there’s still a number of other things we have to do.”

Robert Downey Jr. says he doesn’t know if there will be an Iron Man 4, so it’s safe to assume that the people in charge are waiting to see how Iron Man 3 and the second Avengers movie will turn out before they give another Iron Man film the green light.

Robert Downey Jr. mentioned in previous interviews that the scripts for the previous two Iron Man films were being figured out as the filming progressed, and this time it’s two-fold:

“As we were finding our way and trying to build towards the possibility of [The] Avengers, there was a lot of armature and things we had to deal with as far as, ‘What are we going to exactly do?’ and ‘What are we going to exactly say?’ But there was a lot of, ‘What are we doing in act three?’ ‘Where are we ending all this?’ I think that, by the time Shane had teamed up Drew Pearce, the overall arc of the turns and acts and themes and all that stuff in the story remained relatively unchanged, which is amazing. … That’s just the way Shane writes, you know? … Everything has some meaning at some point later in the story or speaks to a theme. That’s the hardest stuff to try and grab when you’re already shooting.”

Are you excited to see Iron Man 3? See the new trailer below.

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