Kate Middleton Is Allegedly Jealous Of This Meghan Markle Skill

Most royal fans would think that Kate Middleton has it all. However, there is one skill that the Duchess of Cambridge has lamented she lacks: languages. According to The Express, the duchess is allegedly jealous of her sister-in-law Meghan Markle in her language proficiency and is determined to make sure that her three children – George, Charlotte, and Louis – do not suffer the same woes.

New mom Meghan Markle is reported to fluently speak Spanish after she spent six weeks interning at the American embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“Her superior [at the embassy], Mark Krischik, now retired, recalled her as a young woman who was good to work with and who carried out her assignments with ‘efficiency and ingenuity,'” said Andrew Morton in his biography of the former Suits star.

“She had all that it takes to be a successful diplomat,” Krischik later added.

“[Meghan] flew to Madrid to take a six-week course in Spanish at the International Education for Students program,” Morton continued.

“It was an added string to her bow just in case she wanted to give the world of diplomacy another try.”

Kate also can boast some time studying abroad in 2000, when she spent part of her pre-university gap year in Italy. The Duchess of Cambridge studied art at the British Institute in Florence before continuing on to the University of St. Andrews, where she majored in art history. It was at the Scottish university where she famously met Prince William.

Though Kate confessed that she took Italian classes while in the storied city, she revealed in 2018 that she retained very little of the language, only murmuring a “ciao” when greeting Italian fans.

She also allegedly learned a little bit of Arabic after spending time in Jordan as a child. However, little is known of the duchess’s current ability.

“My languages are so bad, I have to make sure my children are better than me, that’s my aim,” Kate has since said.

It seems that she will make sure that her three children will not suffer the same fate. Prince George and Princess Charlotte have reportedly been learning Spanish from their Iberian nanny Maria Borrallo. In fact, Kate confessed in 2017 that George was already counting to 10 in Spanish, despite only being 4-years-old. Princess Charlotte was also allegedly speaking Spanish at age 2, according to Cheat Sheet.

Though Kate might know any foreign languages, the same cannot be said about her husband. Prince William is said to handle basic conversations in French, Swahili, and Welsh.

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