‘Knightfall’ Season 3: As Viewership Drops, Fans Are Fearful Series Will Be Canceled

Viewership is reportedly dropping for History Channel’s Knightfall, and die-hard fans are worried the show will be canceled since the network has not yet made an official announcement regarding its renewal or cancelation.

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses Season 2 of History Channel’s Knightfall. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed all available episodes and wish to avoid spoilers.

Season 2 of Knightfall delved into Laundry’s (Tom Cullen) determination to rise above his fall from grace seen at the end of Season 1. Helping him along the way was the Templar called Talus (Mark Hamill). By the end of Season 2, Landry had managed to regain his standing within the order of the Templar Knights. However, there were a few dangling storylines and possible setups to be explored should the series get renewed for a third season.

According to TV Season & Spoilers, the news might not be great regarding a renewal for the historical drama series since viewership has nearly halved since Season 1. Figures are showing that Knightfall is “averaging with 0.12 rating in 18-49 demographic, along with 650,000 viewers per episode.” This is down nearly 50 percent from Season 1.

By comparison, History Channel’s other historical drama series, Vikings, averaged between 1.5 million and 2.2 million viewers per episode for Season 5, according to TV Series Finale. Season 1 of Vikings also had a much higher viewership. During the premiere season of Vikings, viewership ranged from 3.3-7.7 million per episode. These numbers indicate that Knightfall hasn’t been as successful as the network likely hoped for.

While these numbers are not great presently, Season 2 of Knightfall has only recently been broadcast in the U.K. and has just started airing in Australia. As a result of this, History Channel will likely hold off until Season 2 has been viewed in all locations before making the final decision regarding the renewal or cancelation of the series. However, fans are nervously watching and waiting regarding the fate of the series.

Regardless of ratings and viewership, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, one of the show’s lead actors, Tom Cullen, thinks that there is still plenty left to tell if Knightfall gets renewed for a third season.

“There is still… a lot of open storylines. The big one for me is Pope Clement, who has really risen. I think that the Templars will really want to exact some kind of revenge on him because I think they feel strongly betrayed by his actions.”

However, viewers will just have to wait until the History Channel makes an official announcement regarding Season 3 of Knightfall to find out if Pope Clement’s story gets explored further.

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