Hannah Brown Shows Off Figure After Admitting She Was Hurt By Tyler Cameron’s Date With Gigi Hadid

Things move quickly in the world of The Bachelor franchise. Just last week, the finale of Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette premiered. It was truly just as dramatic as Chris Harrison promised it would be. When it came down to the two final men, Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt, Brown ultimately ended up breaking up with Cameron and giving her final rose to Wyatt. The pair became engaged and Brown thought she was going to have the happily ever after she was searching for. Nevertheless, things didn’t quite go as planned and she eventually learned that Wyatt wasn’t exactly the person he had portrayed himself to be, according to People.

Shortly after their engagement, Brown learned that Wyatt had a girlfriend waiting for him back home the whole time the show was filming. It was also revealed that he had gone on the show not to find love, but to gain media exposure and draw further attention to his music career. Her trust broken, Brown ended up calling off the engagement. During the live finale episode, Brown had the chance to sit down with Cameron once again. She admitted her feelings for him were still there and that she would be interested in getting drinks together sometime. He agreed and it seemed like their relationship was moving in a positive direction and that there might be hope for them both to find love after all.

However, all that changed earlier this week when Cameron was photographed leaving Gigi Hadid’s house.

Today, Brown showed off her figure in a brand new Instagram post. In an event for Variety, she posed on the red carpet in a stunning black off the shoulder gown. She paired the look with some black heels and dangling earrings.

In the most recent episode of Bachelor Happy Hour with Rachel Lindsay, Brown talked about how it felt to wake up and find out that the man she was hoping to have a future with had spent the night at Hadid’s place. She admitted that it stung, especially because Brown and Cameron met up for their own date just last week.

“We are not dating-dating, at all, we hung out, but we also had conversations of both, like, knowing that there’s still something there. When you are in the public eye, you do have to just be respectful of each other. And yeah, I wish I would’ve got a little bit more than two days. But, you know, it is okay.”

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